Month: June 2016

Dangerous and unhealthy diets for weight loss

Struggling to lose weight can make you desperate and hopeless. It is always when you are desperate that you get scammed.  Desperation and hopelessness draws you either to get rich now scams or fast weight loss scams. You may wait for 2 weeks before an event to buy a dress. When you eventually see what […]

Can wearing a body shaper really help you to lose weight?

    Ah! Body shapers and the promise of giving you a sleek body and flat tummy. They come in different shapes and sizes and promise effortless and painless road to flat tummy as long as you wear them regularly even to bed. Some can massage you, vibrate and burn fat while you are sitting […]

3 Proven ways to lose belly fat fast

“Is there anything you can do about my belly fat? I want a flat tummy” This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get from clients.  Recently, people who consult me for weight loss know exactly where they want the weight loss to come from. They know exactly the part of their body […]

Excercise Tips: Proper Excercise Sequence

In exercise there are proper sequence to follow anytime you exercise. This helps you to get the maximum benefit from each session. Not following this routine can be described as a driver who dresses up in the morning and goes to his garage. He gets into his car, starts the car and immediately accelerates to […]

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