Month: December 2016

“Pinklicious” Beetroot smoothie

Beetroot is a superfood. It has a lot of health benefits. It can lower blood pressure and give you stamina. The weather is unbelievably hot and it is tempting to just grab the nearest cold calorie laden drink to quench your thirst and cool your body. It is even more tempting now with the dashing […]

How to Cope With December Wedding and Relationship Anxiety

December is the season of celebration. It is the season for shopping, exchanging gifts, cooking, visiting friends and family and happiness. But it is a season for depression and yet another broken promise for some people. December is the season for marriage. Everywhere you look, you see wedding invite, beautiful decorations for outdoor weddings, picture […]

Get Rid of Armpit Fat with These 9 Exercises (With Pictures and Video)

Fat in the armpit can cause bulges that makes it a challenge to wear clothes with spaghetti strings, or even a one shoulder dress. One of the main causes of arm pit fat is excessive fat in the body. Your body stores fat where it wants and how it wants. I have seen people with […]

You Do Have Time For Yourself! Take the Bellisima 4 Day Time And Activity Check and Find Time

“I am too busy to do anything for myself, not to talk of working out” I have to get the kids ready for school. I am on call practically every day. I am in the office by 8, close  from work by 4 and get back home by 5. Where in the world can I […]

Sugar Addiction: 4 Tips on How to Deal With the Craving

Linda will wake up in the middle of the night and rush to her fridge. She will stand in front of it and polish of 3 pieces of cake, a can of soft drink, chocolate, and 1 doughnuts and then go back to bed feeling good. The next night, same time, she wakes up again. […]

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