Month: January 2017

7 Essential Yoga Pose for fast Relief of Back Pain

  When most people hear yoga, the first thing that is likely to come to your mind are those poses that seem practically impossible for you to attempt or someone in a garden, maybe under a tree going – hummm. According to latest research yoga is not only effective for relaxation, it also relieves back […]

Heavy School Bag Alert – Is Your Child’s Bag Killing Her Back?

Have you ever considered what an overloaded school bag could be doing to the delicate spine and back of your child? Are you aware that some of the long term consequence of this behavior is irreversible damage and back pain now and in adulthood? Bearing the burden of a heavy school bag is one of […]

What Has Nutrition Got To Do With Back Pain? A Lot!

The first time you had or heard of back pain I am sure that you did not think of nutrition. What does nutrition have to do with my back pain, you may ask. Well, it turns out that what you eat and drink has as much to do with your back as much as what […]

Back Pain – My Experience and the 6 Things That Helped Me

“Nkeoma, please what can I do about my back? My back pain is unbearable. I cannot cope with it anymore”. Apart from questions about weight loss and flat tummy, this is one of the frequent complaints I hear from a lot people. Today I will be sharing my personal experience of back pain and what […]

9 Major Causes of Back Pain and the 5 Exercises to Avoid

It came in waves that made her clutch her back in agony and tears. Chika could remember clearly the first time she had back pain. She had just got out of bed and felt a little discomfort. She stretched and twisted and waited for it to go away. But, it did not. 3 years later, […]

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