Month: February 2017

Fitness Term 101: Understanding Fitness Terms for Beginners

Walking into the gym for the first time and hearing fitness terms from your trainer may make you feel as if you are in Mars. And some trainers seem to derive malicious joy in watching the expression of confusion on your face. Before you step into the gym it is good to know some of […]

Is Body Image a Female Issue? I Don’t Think So

  Body image is how you feel about your physical appearance and how you think others see your physical appearance. Body image was believed to be a problem reserved for women but right now men are feeling the heat too. The only reason it seems it does not affect them is because they have grown […]

8 Ridiculous Belly Fat Myths that is Delaying Your Flat Abs

Tell anyone that you need a flat belly and the first advice on exercise you are likely to get is: do sit ups. They are guaranteed to knock out belly fat and give you flat abs. Come to think of it, when you have a headache, you will take drugs for headache; everything is specialized […]

My 13 Best Exercises For Flat Belly With Pictures and Video

A flat and well defined belly is now what defines beauty and fitness. It has become a national obsession and as such all sorts of information and misinformation is cropping up everywhere on the internet and magazine on what to do to get flat abs. In extreme cases people are asked to go on unbelievable […]

Minimize Your Intake of These 5 Foods If You Really Want a Flat Belly

  To burn abdominal fat, you should not cut out any food group. What you should aim for is to find the healthier alternative of that food and add it to your diet. One of the things that may be holding you back in your quest for flat belly is restricting   certain food groups. […]

Foods That Burn Belly Fat-1

Belly fat is one of the issues a lot of people are dealing with. Most time it seems as if your desire for flat belly is just going to remain that: a desire and not a reality. In my last post I showed how the subcutaneous fat covers your belly, and once that fat is […]

Why is Belly fat dangerous?

  Belly fat is the most dangerous and harmful fat in your body. Harvard health calls it the “worst of the worst” fat. When you look around it seems as if the nation’s collective waistline is increasing on an hourly basis. This is highly contradictory to what most people really want. What most people want […]

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