Year: 2017

Take That First Step: That’s All you Really Need To Do

Every other thing will fall into place, but you have to take the first step. That step is different for everyone. For me it might be learning how to manage my time efficiently. For you it might be starting the right business. For someone else losing weight. And still for another person it might be […]

4 Simple Steps You Can Use With Your Family to Maintain A Healthy Weight

The summer holiday is here. And while you are thinking about where to go for your vacation or the summer lesson to enroll your child in, you should also be thinking about your family well being. Most of the parents I asked of their holiday plans told me they had everything covered. The cable subscription […]

Dried Hibiscus Flower Tea ( “Zobo”, “Roselle”): Recipe For Hot And Cold Weather

Hibiscus flower tea known as Zobo in Nigeria is enjoyed all over the world and comes with a lot of health benefits. You can buy it in the market or just take it from your garden.  It contains Vitamin A, Iron and Calcium. It does not contain caffeine. Hibiscus flowers contain organic acids – malic, […]

Quick, Healthy and Fat Loss Friendly Pasta Recipe That You Can Also Take To Work

If you think that Pasta cannot be part of a healthy and weight loss friendly diet; think again! This recipe of elbow macaroni with lots of mixed veggies not only fills you up fast and keeps you satiated for a longer time; it is also flat belly friendly. The trick is to reduce the quantity […]

Is There A Bad Time To Eat For Fat Loss?

Actually NO and here is my reason; the time you eat does not really make you to pack on fat…….. It’s what you eat and the quantity that brings on the fat! Bread does not stop being bread and calorie does not stop being calorie because you ate it in the morning or at night. […]

Are You Living With A Messy Partner? Take These 5 Steps Before You Lose Your Mind

Living with a messy partner does not just affect you space, it also affects your wellness goals. Have you ever tried to find one pair of your trainers after dressing up for gym? Did you find it? How did that affect your mood? Did you still go to the gym? Messy is quite different from […]

Which Comes First: Losing Fat Or Building Muscle?

Losing weight and getting a lean and sculpted look is the desire of most people that start a fitness routine. However, the right way and the best step by step guide to achieve this goal may leave you confused. Different fitness professional will give you different best way to achieve a leaner look depending on […]

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