Month: February 2018

Does Being Skinny Mean Healthy?

For many people skinny means healthy and fit and fat means unhealthy and unfit. This post is about understanding what healthy means and not a body positivity post I hear naturally slim people say ‘I don’t need to exercise; I don’t need to eat right. I’m not fat’. And I feel concerned because I have […]

What’s Your Butt Shape? Take A Look At The 4 Shapes and find your own.

Just as we have different body types, we also have different butt shapes. If you really take time and look around you will find that there are different shapes of butt out there. You will even be pleasantly surprised when you identify your butt shape. Knowing your butt shape can actually help you decide if […]

Does Sweating During Exercise Really Lead To Fat Loss?

If you’ve ever wondered about the effect of sweating during exercise on fat loss, then this post is for you. Sometimes when I’m training clients in cold weather, they become worried that they are not sweating enough to lose fat. And when the weather is hot, they worry if all the sweating going on is […]

FAQ On The Bellisima Fitness Ultimate Curves And Physique Guide

What is the Bellisima Fitness Ultimate Curves And Physique Guide  The BUCP is a 4 weeks definitive training program exclusively for skinny girls to gain curves, healthy weight and muscle while getting stronger and healthier. What will UCP do for me? You will build curves and a body you’ll be proud of, You will gain healthy […]

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