Month: April 2018

Marriage Is A Gift, Not A Death Sentence

On April 8th Alizee, a Nigerian singer and her daughter were allegedly murdered by her husband. It was all over the media and a lot of people heard it. There was shock and outrage. There was uproar in social media and discussion because………. She was a celebrity. But according to the CLEEN Foundation, 31% of […]

4 Things To Check Before Buying Yogurt In Nigeria – My 3 Favorite and Healthy Yogurts

If you’re going shopping, then there’s something to add to your list. Yogurt. After my last post on my mango and yogurt breakfast, I got a lot of questions about the yogurt I used. In case you’re wondering, all yogurts are not created equal, it’s not everything that is packaged and labeled yogurt that is […]

Easy And Healthy Yogurt And Mango Breakfast – 5 Minutes

In a hurry and just want something real quick and filling for breakfast? Try this yogurt and mango recipe tomorrow morning. The creamy and slight sour taste of the yogurt combined with the chewy and sweet taste of Mango will make you fall in love with breakfast again. You can thank me later. This breakfast […]

Is Diastasis Recti The Reason Your Tummy Is Not Getting Flatter?

Diastasis recti maybe what is keeping your jean and skirt from zipping up or fitting properly after childbirth because there is a separation in your abdominal muscle. It is that frustrating pooch that doesn’t go away and often leads to the “when are you due” question even though your baby is 7 years old . It is […]

Easy 10 Minutes Nigerian Breakfast – Fried Egg and Plantain With Turmeric Tea

Thank God it’s Friday. Most members of your family will be at home tomorrow morning for a relaxed breakfast. Don’t take tea and bread again tomorrow morning; it’s time to try something different. This rich breakfast of Scrambled eggs with plantain and turmeric tea is loaded with protein, healthy heart and flat belly friendly Omega […]

How To Get Curves And Muscles Fast – 2 Mindset Tips For Skinny Girls With Fast Metabolism.

  If you’re tired of hearing the same old exercise and nutrition tips on how to gain curves and muscles, that revolves around “eat more”, “lift weight”, “lift heavy” or you’re wondering why you’re not seeing any change in your body even though you’re following all the hacks to curves, this post is for you. […]

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