Come Alive

Hello Friends, I wrote a book just for you. And its all about helping you discover your purpose. This is not another “life purpose book” . This is the THE LIFE PURPOSE BOOK.

Are you confused on why you’re here? Do you have more than 1 passion and you don’t know how to develop. master and deploy them for impact and purpose?

Do you want to really understand what purpose is all about?

Want to read that 1 book that cuts through the repetitive cliches and gives you the clear and precise information that will help you become the awesome person you are meant to be?

Then grab your own copy of “COME ALIVE”

It answers all the questions you’ve ever had about why your here and why you still feel empty even though you feel you are doing what you should.

Discover the little known secrets about purpose that changed the lives of people like you and helped them make impact and profit.

If you want to know how my purpose change my life and how multi passionate and multi gifted people like you can be know for all their different gifts and still make impact.

Then here it is:

Copy of Available from the 20th of April

In this book you’ll learn… 
#1 Difference between passion and purpose
#2 Why you’re here
#3 How to get clarity on your purpose and gifts
#4 The major mistakes people make about their purpose
#5 The different ways you can use your purpose
#6 How to know which passion to turn to business

#7 How to turn your purpose to profit
#8 Turning barriers to profit
#9 Your freedom number

You’ll get 1hr free  Clarity session with me


Lots and lots more.
The price is N5,000 NGN $15 for all the eye opening, destiny changing, life transforming and money making benefits.
It’s time to  COME ALIVE!

Account Details

Agu, Nkeoma .C.


Access Bank

Send me a message via whatsapp after payment – 08053398983 or DM me via Instagram @bellissimafit

Author: Nkeoma DND Agu

Hi, I'm Nkeoma DND Agu. I'm a Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach, a Post Partum Recovery and Body Transformation Specialist. I help women transform their body and to live healthier and fitter life.

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