Warning Signs That Your Body Is About To Break Down

Consistent neglect is one of the reason preventable health issues like Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension, chronic pain, chronic fatigue and heart attack are on the rise, especially in Nigeria.

In our busy and noisy world its very easy to just keep popping pills to keep you going till your body collapses.

Sandra, was having persistent upper back pain for more than 2 weeks. The pain gradually worked its way to her hand and sometimes she would wake up in the morning with a numb feeling on her hand. She concluded that she probably slept on her hand.

Then the headache started. She went from normal pain reliever to pain reliever for people in severe pain.

While on school run, she met one of her friends, a medical Doctor and she asked “what’s wrong with your eyes?”

Sandra was surprised and answered that nothing  was wrong with her eyes. Her friend took her to her clinic and checked her blood pressure and it was 190/140. She was placed under emergency care immediately.

Sandra was lucky, that she met her friend that happened to be a Medical Doctor.

What if she hadn’t met her friend and had continued taking her pain reliever?.

Watch the video and continue reading below

Why do we forget that its our health that makes it possible for us to show up and keep showing up, so our business, family and career can keep growing.

One of the major error is to think that you’re indispensable to your company or business. Look around you and you will see companies and businesses that are still thriving, sometimes even doing better when an employee, even the CEO burns out.

You don’t have to become an example of people that have collapsed because they failed to take care of their health.

There is so much you can do for your health even if you don’t have time. Most of my clients who are serious about their health, and I’m talking about Medical Doctors, CEO’S and busy entrepreneurs make out time to come to the gym early in the morning , get in some physical activity before leaving for work.

It also helps that there is a shower so they can get ready from the gym and got to work.

If you can’t go to the gym, contact a wellness coach, to prepare a fitness and nutrition plan that is personalized for you. Don’t just go and download videos from you tube and start using it. Its not personalized and the person doesn’t know your preferences and your history.

Go for medical check up at least once a year, to check up on yourself , just like you would take your car for monthly maintenance. Go for annual maintenance check.

You don’t have to break down before you listen to your body. All those little signs, you know them; pay attention to them and do the needful.

Go get in some physical activity, eat healthy and make out time for your family and friends and other activity that nourishes your soul.

I love hearing from you. Why do you think people ignore their health? Please, leave your comments below.


Author: Nkeoma DND Agu

Hi there, My name is Nkeoma DND Agu. I'm a Post Partum Recovery Specialist, Diastasis Recti Repair Expert And a Wellness and Life Consultant. I guide women to rebuild their body after childbirth and teach them simple wellness strategies for a healthier and fitter life in a healthy body in their preferred size.

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