Bfitmom Plan: The No.1 Postpartum Program For Moms In Nigeria

A lot of women in Nigeria are struggling with a lot of misinformation about how to take care of their post partum body.

Most of them gain a lot of weight during “omugwo”, the 3 months popular post partum care tradition. And then most of the practices during that time make recovering from the inside more difficult.

This is because most women do not understand what happened in their body, they may not have heard about abdominal split or Diastasis recti and the side effects that comes with it like waist pain, painful sex, a tummy that permanently looks pregnant, involuntary peeing when you sneeze, cough, laugh or jump and a vagina that feels more different.

But that is all about to change.

Bfmom plan is everything you need to know and do about taking care of your post partum body. 

What you should expect?

⏺A flatter belly, stronger core, leaner,fitter, confident and healthier you all over
⏺Tighten your Vaginal muscle and understand perineal care
Pelvic floor healing; 
Stop peeing involuntarily when you jump, sneeze, or cough.

Diastasis recti :Learn the exercise to stop doing and learn the exercises that will help you close your DR and get a flatter tummy
Posture correction
⏺Rebuilding your confidence
Lose weight too if you want and feel strong again

You will:

Start zipping up your jean and start wearing clothes you’ve given up on ever wearing

And, Finally get people to stop asking you “when are you due?” even though you’re not pregnant


Whats included in your program:

✔️Personalized food planing and guide with you favorite foods and all classes of food
✔️Personalized, fun, easy but effective exercise program with videos that fits into your life for faster weight loss and flatter belly.
✔️Motivation and informative mails/ pdf via whatsapp or your preferred mode of communication to keep you motivated.
✔️Personalized coaching and daily access to me and the Bellisima Fitness team
✔️Weekly weigh in and mandatory follow up
✔️Information, support, knowledge and tools that will empower you to develop a healthier relationship with good and make sustainable and positive lifestyle changes so you can continue to live a healthier life and feel the way you want.
✔️Weight loss, fat reduction and body reshaping
✔️Bellisima nutrition secret tips for faster weight loss
✔️Detox, diet tips and tricks

All locations are covered
Whatsapp or call +2348053398983 or send a DM to start your plan
Facebook :Bellisima Fitness


program for moms

Who is it for:

For new and senior mums
For the mom of newborn’s, toddlers and teenagers
For all fitness levels and goals
For the mother of 1 or the mother of 6

Join the most supportive, body positive, amazing and result oriented team with members from different locations worldwide and build a truly transformed body


CALL (WEEKDAYS ONLY) +2348053398983

WHATS APP:  For speedy response)+2348053398983

Email :

FACEBOOK: Bellisimafitbellisima

INSTAGRAM :@bellissimafit

For enquiries you can contact me here

or call +234805339893 for speedy response

I’m Nkeoma DND Agu
Contact me now via whatsapp or email and start rebuilding your body with the right information.

Author: Nkeoma DND Agu

Hi, I'm Nkeoma DND Agu. I'm a Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach, a Post Partum Recovery and Body Transformation Specialist. I help women transform their body and to live healthier and fitter life.

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