2 Days Virtual Wellness Experience Workshop For Women – 28th & 30th, May.

Could you learn how to eat, move and live life in a way that helps you build the body and life you’ll love 2 Days? Is that possible?

Believe it or not, its true and entirely possible. And I’ll be teaching and practically showing you how in this Virtual Women Wellness Workshop coming up on the 28th and 30th of May.

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How many times have you done this before? You know…. You look at the scale and the number scares you. You make up your mind….. this is it, you want to lose weight.

It all starts the same way, you go on cleanse and detox for one week, the next week you are introduced to bland, joy killing meals, you are asked to buy supplements and eat foods and veggies with exotic names.

You are determined. You go for it for. After all, you lost 4kg from the cleanse. The next week you lose 1kg and by the 3rd week, the weight creeps back by 1kg, the next week you gain 2 kg.

Your coach tells you its your fault, “you have no control”, but you”re doing what you can, you further restrict the meal and by week 4 you gain another 2 kg.

And, you cant understand what you’re doing wrong. You are doing the best you can. So, you give up in frustration.

But, after 4 months the weight is seriously creeping back, with pain and other health symptoms and you hear about another plan, you start it, the same protocol with different name and the same thing happens, again.

You’ve done this several times. Over and over again. It starts the same way and crashes.

Sit down and check what this has cost you financially, emotionally, physically and mentally over the years.

Sometimes you’re so exhausted that you give up, but, you start again because you want better.

And, its okay to want better.

Think about it…..

What would you life be like if you could finally learn how to eat, move and live life fully in the body you love?

Would you like that?

Because, What I want to show is all the missing links in your wellness and weight loss journey.

This is not a diet, detox, supplement or program.

In this 2 days workshop you will learn:

  • How to put in structure, system and habits for sustainable weight loss
  • The internal narrative that’s hindering your weight loss
  • What you need to know about food and exercise
  • The Accidental Technique and how to use it for you own advantage
  • How to eat the food you love and move in the way you want for weight loss
  • Practical demonstration and live Q and A on weight loss, exercise, nutrition
  • How to make healthy choices no matter where you are and when eating with others
  • How to nurture your female energy for weight loss
  • Stress and Sleep management
  • How your environment affects your well being and what to do
  • The wellness wheel and how to tweak it for your weight loss
  • How your self image and weight affects your intimacy and what to do
  • How to use guided meditation and visualization for your wellness


  • Downloadable Free recipes
  • Downloadable meal and movement planner / tracker
  • Healthy habit worksheet
  • And other downloadable surprises you’ll absolutely love

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This is not copy and paste. You will be live with me to ask questions. You will learn what the weight loss industry doesn’t want you to know.

Now, this isn’t for everybody. This is only for people who are seriously motivated to change their life and body in a sustainable way.

For over over 10 years I’ve helped hundreds of discerning women like you to use the right system, structure and habit that works with their environment, preference and life experience to change their body and life.

And that’s what you will finally get, too on the 28th and 30th of May.

At the end of this workshop you will become you’re own coach and even if you ever decide to go for any program again, you will go into it empowered.

It’s time for a body and mind transformation for the body and life you love, in the size you want.

Register for the workshop now

Author: Nkeoma DND Agu

Hi there, My name is Nkeoma DND Agu. I'm a Post Partum Recovery Specialist, Diastasis Recti Repair Expert And a Wellness and Life Consultant. I guide women to rebuild their body after childbirth and teach them simple wellness strategies for a healthier and fitter life in a healthy body in their preferred size.

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