About us

Bellisima fitness and health studio started in 2007 as a family gym where friends and family could come in and workout. In 2008 we opened the first ever female only gym in Nigeria. In 2013, we opened another gym for both male and female. We are the go to corporate fitness consultant in Nigeria.
We train individuals and corporate organizations in our gym or onsite in different exercises to help them achieve optimum fitness .This helps in increasing productivity and reducing health care expenses.

Bellisima is committed in our desire to help people with weight problem get to their ideal weight. At Bellisima we pride ourselves in our track record of effectively and safely reducing client’s weight and improving client’s health. We know how exercise and proper nutrition works and we know how to keep clients motivated.
Bellisima fitness and health studio has top of the line equipment’s, flexible hours, experienced and friendly trainers to help you achieve your fitness goals.
Our goal is to exceed the expectation of any client by offering outstanding services, follow up, increased flexibility and greater value.
We educate people on proper nutrition to achieve their fitness goals and not dieting, the proper use of supplement and relaxation techniques.


About   Nkeoma DND Agu

Nkeoma Agu is the founder and Executive Director of Bellisima Fitness And Health Studio Ltd. She is a certified personal, group, and corporate fitness trainer. She is also a certified fitness and nutrition coach. She has been in the fitness industry for more than 10 years. She holds certifications with one of the highest certifying bodies in fitness and wellness in USA, National Exercise and Strength Training Association (NESTA). She helps individuals and corporate bodies in Nigeria and all over the world to achieve personal and company fitness and health goals.

She features in radio programs to talk on fitness and wellness. Nkeoma gives seminars and training on exercise, stress management, relaxation techniques, and proper nutrition. She is a guest speaker in numerous organizations and events on wellness. In 2015, she published the first monthly fitness and wellness newsletter in Nigeria – Optimum health. She assists corporate bodies in preparing and implementing fitness and wellness programs as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Her workout video include her 30 day total body transformation workout, 14 days to a shapely booty, The Flat tummy, fat burn workout,  Get fit in 10 minutes.

About  Donald Agu

Donald Agu is an ex – professional football player. He played for German clubs Eintracht Frankfurt, Fc Augsburg and SSV Reutlingen. He has also captained Rangers International football club Enugu, Nigeria. He is a football coach and fitness trainer.
He is the CEO of Bellisima Fitness and Health Studio Ltd and owner of Diego Sports Academy. He features in several radio programs on total wellness and football.
He helps individuals and corporate bodies in Nigeria and all over the world to achieve personal and company fitness health goals.



To make fitness, weight loss and proper nutrition accessible to everyone through entertaining, functional, friendly, innovative and educational methods.

OUR MISSION                                                                                                                                           

To be the best corporate and personal fitness company in Nigeria.                                            

To help companies achieve wellness goals at every level of their organization.

To help individuals and companies achieve their fitness, weight loss and health goals by providing a well-equipped, comfortable, welcoming and safe gym.


To have trainers with different fitness and wellness certifications that will work with clients.
To open and manage workplace gym for companies.
To make fitness and nutrition information available to our members and the community at large.
To deliver client satisfaction through creative and innovative methods.
Be a significant asset to the community.

To plan and give personalized and progressive fitness and nutritional program according to a person’s fitness level and goals.
To plan regular awareness programs that will educate people on health, fitness and wellness.


Quality service
Recognition and Reward (RAR)



To Support
To Motivate

To make fitness and weight loss fun and achievable
To Follow up and track our clients.