Hi, I’m Nkeoma

A Certified fitness trainer and nutrition coach, entrepreneur and writer.

I was born in Nigeria and I lived in Germany – Frankfurt and Reutlingen.

I believe that you have what it takes in you to lose weight,

transform your body and change your life and I’m fully committed to helping you achieve your goals.


People come to me because they need to lose fat, transform their bodies and live a healthier life.

And I help them to achieve those goals.

But, I have always believed that there is so much more to people than fat loss.

Finding what gives you meaning in life is what keeps you going when the first rush of motivation to lose weight disappears.

I started Bellisima Fitness and Health Studio Ltd. in 2007, as a female only gym to help women-single and married lose fat, get healthier and discover their why.





In 2013, we threw our doors open to men and it has been an eye opening and learning experience.

From, Bellisima gym, to work place wellness consulting – assisting corporate bodies in preparing and implementing fitness and wellness programs and in preparing programs as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),  speaking at wellness events,

and supporting and empowering women .

I strongly believe that we’re all unique especially  in our bodies.

That is the main reason all our fitness programs are personalized and  the articles on our blog considers different body types and preferences. 

It is easier for you to lose fat and transform your body when you know from the beginning that your plan is for you  and you alone.

One of the things all my clients have learnt and I’m still teaching is that weight loss doesn’t have to be painful and filled with misery.

Exercise can be fun, challenging but joint friendly. 

Your meals can be fun, healthy and delicious. 


It is this belief that has been the foundation of Bellisima Fitness –Your preference,  action and  impact .    Whatever your need: fat loss, curves, losing postpartum pooch, fitness, better nutrition – we’ve got you covered.




I don’t have all the answers and just like you I have moments when I ask myself  “What were you thinking”?

But my commitment to you is to share my own gift with you and help you to lose weight, get healthier and  find your voice so you can thrive.

I believe you’re strong and have the power inside you to achieve your wellness goals and change your life.



That’s the reason all my programs comes with a bonus of finding your significance and fulfillment.

Awaken that power. It’s in you. That’s what you need to lose weight, transform your body and change your life.


Thank you so much for visiting and taking the time to read. I am excited that we’re connected and I’m looking forward to our Journey.

Lots of love,

Nkeoma DND Agu