Hi, I’m Nkeoma DND Agu. nkem

I was born in Nigeria and I lived in Germany – Frankfurt and Reutlingen.

I studied Public Administration and later became certified as a Nutrition Coach and Personal Fitness Coach

I believe that body transformation is not a will power thing.  If it were, we’ll all have our ideal body.

You have to connect with yourself spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically to achieve that goal. And that’s what I want to help you do – help you connect to your being in compassion to affect change from a place of love.

It’s not just your body; it’s your whole being. They have to dance together in harmony from a place of love and acceptance.

What’s funny and interesting though is that most people who do this blossom in other areas of life – relationship, business, career and family.

It’s time for you to break loose and do things in a way that enhances and nourishes you in all level so that you can see and become the wonderful person that you really are – inside and outside.

I believe that you have what it takes in you to transform and reshape your body, lose fat, gain healthy and curves, get healthier, stronger, and change your life.DSC_0036_filtered

I want to help you embrace the life you want now and live a full and meaningful life. A meaningful life ALWAYS brings joy and activity  that will set you free from the bonds of punishing diets and brutal workouts. You’ll flow into your ideal weight and body with peace.

Unleash the real you – The you that just unstraps your bra and let’s your belly go with a sigh of relief at the end of the day.

Unleash, recognize and embrace you; and then realize in awe that there’s much more to you. You can create and become all those dreams and imaginations that leave you terrified.

That’s when you can move into the body transformation you desire.


That is the main reason all my coaching plans are personalized and  the articles on my blog considers different body types and preferences. 

One of the things all my clients have learnt and I’m still teaching is that weight loss doesn’t have to be painful and filled with misery.

Exercise can be fun, challenging but joint friendly. 

Your meals can be fun, healthy and delicious. 

What’s important is what i call my PAI  (pronounced PIE) –   Your preference,  action and  impact .   




I believe that achieving your goals becomes a lot easier and achievable

when you learn how to love yourself and realize that your self worth and

happiness is not and should not be tied to the number on your scale or how others chose to describe who they expect you to be.

But, I also believe that you’re strong and have the power inside you to achieve your wellness goals and change your life.

Go through my site and have fun. You can start here

Thank you so much for visiting and taking the time to read. I am excited that we’re connected and I’m looking forward to our Journey.

Lots of love,

Nkeoma DND Agu