Hi, I’m Nkeoma DND Agu.  A Nigerian Wellness, Nutrition and life coach.  Speaker and Writer



I help women in Nigeria to get fit and embrace a culture of health while living an inspiring life by giving them the information, tools and support they need to build a fitter and healthier body, sustainable transformation and a truly fulfilling life through exercise, nutrition guidance and self care information.

Since 2008, I’ve been helping women lose fat, transform their bodies, maintain a healthy work/life balance and live a fulfilling life.

I’ve always felt that something was missing in the fitness industry. Everywhere you turn to, its weight loss dieting and extreme exercise. Everything focuses more on the physical. Physical is good but the constant  weight gain and loss roller coaster is enough to tell us that weight loss alone doesn’t satisfy.

It was in my curiosity to find what was missing that i found that sustainable body transformation is inside the culture of health. For you to lose weight  and sustain it, you need total wellness; not just in your physical body but in the other aspects of your life.

True and sustainable weight loss is in the culture of health – Total wellness in every aspect of your life

When my clients became more inspired with their life and things happening around them; when their relationship, finances and social wellbeing became more stable, things gradually started changing and sustainable weight loss followed.

My passion for total wellness for women is the main reason I opened the first ever female only gym in Nigeria – Bellisima Fitness in 2008. Since then I’ve been helping women build a foundation of  culture of health which combines nutrition, exercise, self care, relationship, sexuality,  and deeper awareness of who you are.The result – women like you who are now living with a truly transformed body, good health and an inspired life.

My company Bellisima Fitness and Health Studio Ltd is the leading name in Corporate wellness In Nigeria. Through our corporate wellness programs I’ve been able to witness first hand what happens when women neglect self care.

And this has further fuelled my passion to make wellness information and programs available to women. I believe that you have what it takes in you to transform and reshape your body, lose fat, get healthier, stronger, and change your life.

This is the main reason behind my programs and courses – Women Wellness ACADEMY, Weight loss and body transformation coaching Postpartum Body and Tummy Training and Ultimate curves and physique guide



It’s time for you to break loose and do things in a way that enhances and nourishes you in all level so that you can see and become the wonderful person that you really are – inside and outside.

I want to help you build and embrace the body and life you want now. A body and life that brings joy, happiness and fulfillment.





 nh Love yourself and realize that your self worth and happiness is not and should not be tied to the number on your scale or how others chose to describe who they expect you to be.

But, I also believe that you’re strong and have the power inside you to achieve your wellness goals and change your life.

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Thank you so much for visiting and taking the time to read. I am excited that we’re connected and I’m looking forward to our Journey.

Lots of love,

Nkeoma DND Agu