The B5Y Academy is an exclusive 16 weeks fat loss, nutrition and lifestyle transformation coaching specifically created for busy women, who are starved of time but needs help in any of these 4 areas – fat loss, nutrition guidance that works, Postnatal recovery, getting fitter and stronger and creating work/life balance.

You’ll learn and implement simple nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes in your day to day life for fat loss, physique transformation and more energized you.

The B5Y Academy training is effective, concise, systematic and focused with a clear purpose of getting you a leaner and stronger body with minimum dose but highly effective techniques.

I personally know the struggles women go through while having a demanding career and busy family life. I understand the guilty feeling when their inability to balance work and life leads to a relationship and health collapse.

I understand the anxiety and the persistent nagging stress of trying to balance your desire to achieve your purpose and still be everything to everyone – a good boss, good employee/entrepreneur, good wife, mum, daughter, sister, friend, mentor and nurturer…….. Wherever you’re needed. I understand your desire to be able to do it all and still have a healthy, successful and happy life. To be energetic, glowing with health and striking body.

I have worked with women of different background and taught them the simple steps of sustainable weight loss in a manner that creates lifelong wellness. I opened the first ever females only gym in Nigeria: Bellisima Fitness; so I can give women the support and help they need in a supportive and friendly environment

My Fitness and wellness company Bellisima Fitness and Health Studio Ltd is also 1 of the best corporate wellness companies in Nigeria. Having trained and managed and still manages several corporate organization wellness, I know firsthand what women go through, the grinning and bearing, showing up  and not taking care of themselves so they don’t lose their jobs and their health and relationship that deteriorates and sometimes breaks down because of it.

This has inspired me to reach out to busy women; to help them achieve a better quality of life through taking highly actionable and simple steps.



I believe that there is no single approach to sustained weight loss. I also believe that all women are unique and that you can define and create what beauty, lean and sexy means for you. I believe that no matter how busy you are that with the right approach (which I will give you) that you will achieve your fitness and wellness goal.

The best approach is the one that works for you and that’s what I will help you find. I will provide expert guidance that will allow you to eat the food you love and exercise in a way that enhances your life for your specific body type and preference.

Do you travel a lot, even unscheduled and on the moment business trips? Do you work long hours? I understand and will use my experience of working with high profile women to meet your career and health goals.

Together we will build a plan that compliments your body and life by simplifying things you were finding difficult and making the changes as smooth and easy as possible.





I’ve incorporated years of study, experience and countless hours of training business people into a coaching system that truly understands the lifestyle and time restraints of career minded women.



Here’s what satisfied clients are saying:







How long does it take to see results?

If you listen to my coaching advice and put it to use, you will start seeing real life and visible change in as little as 7 days. Your result will depend on the effort you are willing to put in and follow the process. This is not an overnight body transformation but I promise you’ll see progressive visible result.

How long does coaching last?

You will get 16 weeks of coaching and support from me. Further time can be negotiated after this period if you decide you need continued support and coaching.

How will the service be delivered?

The coaching package – instructional exercise videos, nutritional and lifestyle advice is delivered via email.

How long does it take to get started?

As soon as your payment clears and you fill and return your questionnaire.

What should I expect when we get started?

The information on your form will determine your plan and if we’re a good fit. If not, your money will be sent back to you immediately. But when we’re a good fit, your will start your welcome process. Once you’re done with your welcome process, I will have a better idea of how I can help you. You’ll start receiving your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle plan. You will then update me each week with your measurement so I can keep updating your plan. You are also free to contact me with questions and support via email on any aspect of your program ANYTIME.

How much does it cost?

My BBBY Academy costs 30K a month. The 16 weeks or 4 months that the coaching lasts will cost all together N120.000. (One hundred and twenty thousand Naira)

However, if you enroll before the registration closes on 16th April, you’ll pay 25k monthly for a total of N100.00k (for the 16 weeks or 4 months)

You can pay your money at once or you can choose a payment plan.

Is there a guarantee?

I stand behind the plan I will create for you. I want nothing short of success for YOU… so, if you have been following my instruction 100% and haven’t seen any progress towards your results in the first 30 days then I don’t deserve your money and I will refund you in FULL. No question asked.

 I have never had to offer a refund.

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After each 16 weeks session the BUSY WOMAN with the HIGHEST BODY TRANSFORMATION wins N30.000!

Make today the first day of your TRANSFORMATION STORY! Don’t become so busy with your career that you think it’s not the right time and keep postponing self care until it’s too late. Don’t be that person sitting there a year from now and feeling regret for not having taken action.

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