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Transform your body after pregnancy, get stronger and healthier………. Thrive!

You are welcome to the Bellisima fitness  online coaching program for postpartum women to help you lose weight, get stronger, close your Diastasis recti (if you have it) and help you build sustainable nutrition and exercise habits that will guarantee enduring change.

 According to a study carried out by the Obesity Unit at Huddinge Hospital, in Stockholm, 73% of their female patients said that their weight gain  which was more than 10 kg came on as a result of their pregnancy

And when this weight gain is not taken care of after each pregnancy, it means that you’ll start with a higher weight for the next pregnancy and coupled with the normal pregnancy weight gain, the cycle starts.

The BFM is a comprehensive  but simple 4 months ( 16 weeks ) online coaching program  with step by step guide, weekly instructional exercise videos with exercise modifications, weekly written coaching articles, tips,  nutrition guidance and strategy to bridge the gap between the body and life you want and what you are seeing now.

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Bellisima Fitness Mom

The BFM is for you if you:

  • You want to lose postpartum weight, get stronger and get  your body and confidence back
  • You have Diastasis recti (abdominal separation or split, involuntary peeing when you sneeze, jump or cough )and need help in closing it with targeted exercises
  • You  just gave birth and want to start healing your pelvic floor
  • You have just given birth and don’t know how to go about your weight and health.
  • You gave birth 6 months to more than 15 years  ago and you still look pregnant and you’ve been struggling to lose the mummy tummy, done all sorts of exercise and diet and  your tummy refuses to budge then the BFM is also for you.
  • You have strong work ethics and you’re ready to commit for the 16 weeks of your plan

The BFM is new and different  from other Postpartum and Diastasis recti program because it comes with new and proven more effective exercises that help you lose fat and get a flatter midsection.

Unlike other programs that don’t come with gym workouts, we also have a gym program for you. You can do your workouts at home or in a gym. There is a section that cover all the post partum and Diastasis recti safe equipment’s you can use in the gym  and the duration. So there is no need to give up your gym registration because you are on this program.

You can use the gym and follow our program for astounding result.

BFM is not generic. When you enroll, your information will be used to create your coaching plan. If you want to lose weight, maintain your weight or build lean muscle, your personal coaching plan will be created for you.

This is a postpartum coaching plan and not a download all at once, DIY program.

I’ll also track and review your  progress with you on a weekly basis to make sure that you keep getting result and modify your plan when necessary.

The BFM offers a unique opportunity to establish enduring healthy lifestyle habits that will  lead to weight loss and a stronger, healthier  and visibly transformed you.

My approach is  centered on you, your personal goals , schedule, values and lifestyle so that your plan can easily fit in and not disrupt your life

Bellisima Fitness Mommy  program  has 4 main components 

Nutrition guidance               Fitness              Diastasis recti program      behavioral/mind coaching

How does it work?

This is a digital program. It is 100% online.

After you enroll for the program, you’ll get a comprehensive questionnaire. From your information, I will create a plan that suits your preference, experience, schedule and available equipment.

Nutrition guidance that will include healthy and tasty recipe and sample meals. No, you won’t get a meal plan. The nutrition guidance with recipes and articles will help you make the right choice no matter where you are. When you know what to eat, when and what quantity, eating and fat loss becomes easy.

Well researched Nutrition, fitness, behavior, and mindset coaching articles, guides and worksheets that will give you the information  and actionable steps you should take on a weekly basis will be sent to you via email with ongoing support and communication throughout the 16 weeks to ensure your plan is being done correctly to ensure result.

Each week  you’ll get 2 new Instructional exercise videos with modifications and special PDF instruction  to suit your level but effective enough to support your goal.

Each exercise session only takes 20 minutes of your day, 3- 4 times a week 

Weekly progress, picture, exercise and nutrition reviews , to make sure you’re getting the result you need and modify  your plan when necessary.

You can reach me quickly through email to assist and support you with any aspect of your program

Relaxation and visualization audio

What you won’t get

 I will not do anything to harm your health.  That means no gimmick

I don’t cover pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and hernia. Consult with your Doctor so he can advice you specifically on what to modify or avoid.

This is not a medical treatment.

What you should expect?

A stronger, leaner,fitter, confident and healthier you all over

When can I start the program?

Well, sooner than you think!

From the information on your questionnaire you’ll start with your own personal plan. That’s why this is a coaching plan. I’ll work with you to know the best time to progress to the next level so that you wont yield to the temptation of doing everything at once,  over train yourself and be injured or not know what to do next

But even as early as 24 hours after childbirth, you can start with your first instructional exercise videos to start you on the right path to a flatter tummy and stronger core.

If you had a C- section  there are very mild but effective exercises you can still do in your plan when you  get clearance from your Doctor.

If you are more than 6 months postpartum then your coaching plan will equally work for you.

All your exercise is progressive.


Start the step by step  simple but comprehensive program that shows you how to exactly get your tummy, body and life to what you want 

Get started now with $99 a month for 4 months  You can cancel anytime.
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Bellisima Fitness Mom

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I know that if you take the actionable step by step guide in your plan that will be created with you for you – you’ll get outstanding value – and make progress towards your body transformation, health and life goals.

Do you have questions or need help ordering?

Our payment gateway, Payza, accepts credit cards and not debit cards, so if you’re joining the program from Nigeria and you have a debit card, just send an email to and we’ll find the perfect payment solution for you.

Most women start seeing visible result when they follow the instructions on this program from the second week As with any weight loss related program, your results using the Bellisima Fitness Mommy may vary.