Ultimate curves Guide



Build spectacular curves and lean mass, add healthy weight if you want to, in all the right places in less than 12 weeks even if you’re naturally skinny with fast metabolism


The body you want – more confidence – happier you – better health

A body your comfortable in is important. You know this – to get confidence, wear the clothes you love, and feel on top of your game

Being naturally skinny means you don’t have to lose weight . Great, but it comes with its own particular needs.

You have non existent hip and butt. This makes it difficult to find something that fits. No skinny jeans because it makes you skinnier.

You sometimes have to you fill out your “empty curves” with jean shorts, and artificial butts to give you an appearance of curves.

Wearing big and over sized and long sleeved clothes to hide parts of your body

Do you find that you have no appetite and even when you do and eat like a whale, you never put on weight and when you do, it goes to your tummy giving you a bean pole with a pot belly look?

Are you thinking “you have no idea” when your friends tell you how lucky you are to have such a fast metabolism.

Do you desire for curves, no matter how little?

Well, I have news for you

You can have the curves you love

You can have beautiful and spectacular curves to match what you feel inside

Its possible to eat and not get a pot belly, instead you’ll eat in a way that suits your body type and get a fitter tummy while adding curves and sculpted lean mass on your hips, butts, legs and arms.

You’ll finally understand how your body works what to eat and how and the exercise you’ve been doing wrong.

The Ultimate Curves opens the door for you to build a curvy and sculpted physique

In just 3 months you’ll learn and build the body you’ve always wanted

The Bellisima Fitness Ultimate Curves plan is a comprehensive, easy to follow, step by step 12 weeks online guide for skinny girls to

  •  Build beautiful curvy hip and round butts that will make you peek a look at yourself at every opportunity in happy wonder.
  • Gain healthy weight and get a tighter, perkier, fitter,and stronger well toned body all over. No skinny fat, no belly pooch.
  • Get proper posture. Regain your confidence and stand tall. Build your best body and feminine curves without bulking up anywhere else.Understand and work with your body and learn to love yourself.  

Each week, you’ll experience amazing changes in your body as you become curvier, build sexy lean mass and incredible physique.

You’ll witness first hand, your hips and butts filling out

The course includes 3 lessons that you must master – EXERCISE, NUTRITION TECHNIQUE AND WORKING WITH YOUR BODY NOT FIGHTING IT




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Discover why satisfied clients call me “the curves coach”

It’s time to throw away those false bottom shapers and the shorts you wear under your skirts and trouser for curves, because by the time you are through with your plan, you’ll have more than enough curves to flaunt in real life.

All you need for your exercise is your body, a resistance band and a pair of dumbbell, which you can order here and I will send them to you immediately or you can use your Lycra scarf for resistance band fill an empty water bottle with sand or water for dumbbell and you’re good to go.

Is this right for me?

This is right for you if

  • You’re skinny – Yes
  • You just need curves – Yes
  • You want to reshape your curves – Do you have droopy butts – This program will tighten and give it a lift
  • Do you have butts that are all over the place – We will give it boundaries
  • Do you have soft, flabby butts that jiggles when you walk – This program will help you get a perkier, firm and gravity defying butts.

This is a digital program. It’s 100% online. You can do it anywhere.

    • Your own instructional exercise videos and workout routine specifically for your goal, that will be updated with 2 new exercises every week. These are doable but challenging, highly effective and specific exercises to give you that toned, tighter, perkier and shapely body you want. Build curves exactly where you want it. Some of the exercises are new and are what helped me to transform my own body.
    • Nutrition guidance –  You’ll learn the reason for your lack of appetite, and understand how to work with your body not fight it to achieve your curvy goal. You’ll get tasty, nutritious recipes including super quick recipes and quick nutrition tips for ectomorphs. You can tweak the recipes to meet your taste and the products available in your location.
    • Over the course of the program, you’ll be getting behavior and habit based mindset coaching articles, specific to your needs and challenges and how to overcome them. This will include information about issues that are peculiar to Ectomorphs…….like constipation, lack of appetite and more, and how to handle them by tweaking your diet

What are you waiting for

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