Guarantee/Refund Policy

Our Guarantee/ Refund policy

Please review carefully.

Bellisima Fitness rewards you for completing your plan and getting the result you seek. Because we believe that you have what it takes to succeed.

The reason for our policy is that we need people with strong work ethics to sign up for our coaching plan.We believe in the program that will be created with you as you progress and for you. You’ll be involved all the way and we will review, assess and improve your plan to make sure you achieve and keep achieving your goal.

We do not give refunds. We at Bellisima stand by the coaching plan that will be created for you and want you to get as much out of our program as possible. We are here to encourage, motivate and inspire you to reach your goal through behavioural and gradual but progressive nutritional, exercise and mindset habit change and your power to make the right decision for yourself.

The moment you start asking yourself or ask the question what if I fail, your mindset is already playing tricks on you and setting you up to fail. That’s why this is a coaching plan and that’s why mindset coaching is part of the plan. If something does not work or stops working we find another solution and keep making progress, we do not give up. We’ll give you the support, compassion and coaching you need to succeed in your goal.

You can also cancel your plan anytime you want.

We reward you for succeeding. When you follow and stick to your plan you’ll get 1 extra month coaching for free  of charge. It’s entirely up to you what to do with the 1 free month – Build on your success, learn more tips, work more on your nutrition, more habit coaching…… You decide.

We’re here for you but you have to decide that this is what you want and you’re willing to let me guide you to your desired goal. Your body transformation is achievable. Dive in.


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