“As a medical doctor, I started this program skeptical. I was overweight and hypertensive. I knew the drugs to take but was not giving myself the main advise which was to lose weight band get my life and time management in order.. A wake up call made me contact Nkeoma. I came into the BBBY Academy with 115kg. I lost 6 kg in the first 4 weeks and lost weight gradually in the next 3 months. My weight now is 87 kg.

Nkeoma made me believe in myself and love myself enough to take care of me. She’s not only my coach; she’s now a confidant and friend. I can unburden to her without being judged especially after a day of seeing terrible things in the ER. Weight loss is not magic”

G – Pediatrician


“As a busy BM, wife and mother, I felt torn between my work, my family and my health which was deteriorating. I also travelled a lot which made my routine erratic. Nkeoma taught me how to prioritize myself. She told me the reason, I have an assistant is for him to take over so business runs smoothly if anything happens – the company is more important than me. That was an eye opener. I saw my assistant in a new light – ready to take over. Her 1-1 coaching works for me. I’ve lost weight, I’m stronger, my alcohol intake has really gone down using it to cope). My personal time efficient exercises and lifestyle coaching I received has changed my life ad body visibly. I look younger and that worried and anxious life is gone”.

Uche – BM

“I have time for myself and my family. No more dozing off when hubby is talking and being wracked by guilt. I am more aware of my body and what’s important in life – family and relationships. I am more focused and productive in my work”.

Chika – Head Customer Service





“I knew about weight loss but never knew it was possible to reshape my physique and correct my posture. I lost weight, I have more energy and my body is shapelier and curvier. I’m rocking both world”.

JI – CEO J Hair and Jewelry


“I got support and encouragement from Nkeoma throughout my plan. She still asks after me and I’m still putting my knowledge to practice and losing weight”.

Lola– Veterinary medicine

“I have time for myself and my family. No more dozing off when hubby is talking and being wracked by guilt. I am more aware of my body and what’s important in life – family and relationships. I am more focused and productive in my work”.

Chika – Head Customer Service

“I am seeing visible and unexpected ROI. I was surprised when Nkeoma didn’t give me a diet plan. I was a “chronic no sugar and milk in my coffee dieter”. She didn’t give me a diet plan but gently guided me to make gradual changes in my nutrition and how I see things. (I saw things only in black and white). I take a glass of wine when I want. It has no control over me. I love myself. Thank you Nkeoma for making me realize that when listing out beautiful people that my name should be the first. That’s self love”.

Nancy – Human Resource Manager

“Going back to work after childbirth gave me anxiety. A friend who used to look permanently pregnant but had a flatter stomach referred me to the program. I was given only given 6 weeks of postpartum leave to return to work and I had CS.  I registered for the BBBY. The comprehensive questions Nkeoma asked me helped a lot in the plan she gave me. The exercise videos she sent felt like I was doing nothing. I wanted it fast. But I gradually started seeing changes.  I lost the baby weight and most of the mummy tummy. Didn’t use the girdles I bought. I’ve since gone back to work but the lessons I received in self care will stay with me for the rest of my life. If I don’t take care of myself, life still goes on”.

Kate -Banker


“I’d had years of self neglect, inactivity and poor nutrition. I registered for BBBY because I was totally fed up with my body and its failure as I saw it to give me the support in need. I spoke to Nkeoma and was surprised at her friendliness and support. When people judge you by your weight you’ll realize that friendliness means a lot. I lost 2 kg the first 7 days and I have been losing weight steadily since that first time I climbed on the scale. I know most of my success comes from the accountability and support from Nkeoma. I know I have to update her weekly and when someone is cheering you, the work becomes easier”.

Juliet –Banker


“The nature of my business made my nutrition erratic. I have to taste and eat certain things to make sure it meets with the taste of my clients. This led to my weight spiraling out of control. Nkeoma taught me how to (taste and eat with style) as she called it. The steps I learnt and implemented is what has kept me going. The consistent back and neck pain that was my companion are gone. My stomach is flatter. I am wearing what I thought I would never wear again. I am stronger and more aware of my body”.

Gloria – Wedding and corporate event planner.


“Every time i heard exercise, i got scared. BBBY changed all that for me. The exercise was easy but very effective. I can easily add it to my day without feeling overwhelmed. The relaxation and mindfulness audio is something i always go back to”.

Funmi – Zonal Financial controller

“It was from Nkeoma that i first heard Diastasis Recti and that i had it. I have been working on my stomach for years but it seems it kept getting bigger. Sitting down a lot added to the back pain i’ve been having since i gave birth. My stomach is flatter and i’m seeing something beautiful by the sides of my stomach. The posture tips i got from my plan and yoga poses has helped me a lot”.

Chi Chi – Engineer.

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