Bring Nkeoma To speak or Teach


Whether its speaking about Total wellness, Fitness, corporate wellness, personal development and women empowerment and challenges, I can serve you.

I know the power of bringing like minded individuals together to learn, exchange ideas and opinion, focus on their goals and move away from negative mindset and belief.

It can be a welcome push and a game changer for an organization, your community and you.

I can serve you through:


  • A workshop/presentation/discussion on how to find peace and love within you and move away from punishing  yourself with brutal exercise to a place of exercising in love so you can enjoy your body and life, not tear it up with injuries
  • A presentation/ workshop on Nutrition and exercise + exercise class
  • How to be more mindful and see each moment as a gift to enjoy.


  • Growing a business consciously wherever you are.
  • Growing, being you and managing your  business (no matter what it is) in a way that works for you!


  • How to balance career and Family
  • How to step out of the shadows and plan your life with purpose so you can become all that you’re meant to be.

If you want me to speak at your event, have an idea or would like to request more info, send me an email at and someone from my  team will get back to you right away.

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