PostPartum Body and Tummy Training


We’ve all had that moment, after child birth, when we look at our tummy and see that squishy, wobbly big tummy that housed , protected and nurtured our loving gift for 9 months and think; no way, as soon as I get home am working on you.

dr 1

Then it starts crunches.. Planking.

Measuring your food.

Watching endless YouTube videos

Waist cinchers, body magic, girdle and pretending all is well

It’s now 6 months, 12 months, 6 years and for some 10 years and that tummy remains the same

You’re getting more and more frustrated and buying more and more flat tummy supplements and whatever you see advertised as a cure for belly fat. You even buy herbal stuff from the villages that is marketed as what our ancestors used after childbirth to get a flatter tummy.

Your table is filled with half packets of magic tea, half bottle of ACV and dusty belly fat vibrating belt.

You wear the body magic and look good but when you get back and remove it, everything unfurls and you wonder if that’s it. Are my stuck with this pendulous belly?

But you see those celebs with 6 weeks after childbirth flat tummy and other friends and wonder what you’re doing wrong.

How they can have a flat tummy is beyond your understanding.

You are afraid that you’re slowly becoming what you hated in other women before giving birth; what and saw as laziness and indifference or illiteracy.

What if I told you that there is a way to rebuild not just your tummy but your pelvic floor and vaginal muscle?

What would it feel like to “understand at last”, to be able to remove your clothes in front of your partner with the lights on, to wear what you love, to have a flatter tummy, to stop leaking when you jump or sneeze, to stop those noise that come from your intimo when you move, to tighten your vaginal muscle, to get your confidence back  and say bye to the anxiety that attacks you when  you make love, which stops you from enjoying the moment.


To wear the clothes you want and receive visitors without sprinting for you girdle anytime you hear the bell ring or hubby coming in unexpectedly with friends.

You no longer cover your belly with your bag when you sit down or stand, or wear loose fitting clothes

You can wear your jeans and sexy lingerie for your date night or date day.

You’re relaxed and transforming your body knowing that you’re doing the right thing and that’s it sustainable, directly giving you a flatter tummy, a healthy pelvic floor, a tighter vaginal muscle and over all transformed body and life even after your next pregnancy


The post partum and Diatasis Recti program for new and senior mums  for finally beating the mummy pooch, healing your pelvic floor, preventing and healing Diastasis Recti, tightening your vaginal muscle, rebuilding and transforming your body without anxiety and frustration.


This is a 12 weeks plan with step by step guide, weekly instructional exercise videos, nutrition guidance and coaching articles filled with the exact strategy to give you the tummy, body and life you want.

It’s designed to help you quickly and permanently improve your midsection and blast belly fat, improve your sex life, get a healthier pelvic floor, tighter vaginal muscle and boost your confidence.

tbcm 1

Organized into 4 modules – each with a progressive and in depth PDF and video lesson that cover everything you need to know to master each stage of childbirth as early as 24hrs after delivery.

My approach is  centered on you, your personal goals , schedule, values and lifestyle so that your plan can easily fit in and not disrupt your life

How does it work?

This is a digital program. It is 100% online.

After you enroll for the program, you’ll get a comprehensive questionnaire. From your information, I will create a plan that suits your preference, experience, schedule and available equipment.

Nutrition guidance that will include healthy and tasty recipe and sample meals. The nutrition guidance with recipes and articles will help you make the right choice no matter where you are. When you know what to eat, when and what quantity, eating healthy becomes easy.

Well researched Nutrition, fitness, behavior, and mindset coaching articles, guides and worksheets that will give you the information  and actionable steps you should take will be sent to you via email on a weekly basis with ongoing support and communication throughout the 12 weeks to ensure your plan is being done correctly to ensure result.

Each week  you’ll get 2 new Instructional exercise videos with modifications and special PDF instruction  to suit your level but effective enough to support your goal.

Each exercise session only takes 20 minutes of your day, 3- 4 times a week 

You can reach me quickly through email, whats app or messenger to assist and support you with any aspect of your program

What you won’t get

I will not do anything to harm your health.  That means no gimmick and no supplement you must buy.

PTT is not generic. When you enroll, your information will be used to create your coaching plan. If you want to lose weight, maintain your weight or build lean muscle, your personal plan will make sure you achieve your goal

I don’t cover pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and hernia. Consult with your Doctor so he can advice you specifically on what to modify or avoid.

This is not a medical treatment.

What you should expect?

A flatter belly, stronger core, leaner,fitter, confident and healthier you all over

  • Help you heal your Diastasis recti
  • Learn the exercise to stop doing and learn the exercises that will help you close your DR and get a flatter tummy
  • Stop peeing involuntarily when you jump, sneeze, or cough.
  •  Start healing your pelvic floor
  • Teach you what to do immediately after childbirth as early as 24 hours to start rebuilding your body.
  • Have more intimacy in your relationship
  • Start zipping up your jean and start wearing clothes you’ve given up on ever wearing
  • Finally get people to stop asking you “when are you due?” even though you’re not pregnant

When can I start the program?

Well, sooner than you think!

From the information on your questionnaire you’ll start with your own personal plan. That’s why this is a coaching plan.

But even as early as 24 hours after childbirth, you can start with your first instructional exercise videos to start you on the right path to a flatter tummy and stronger core.

If you had a C- section  there are very mild but effective exercises you can still do in your plan when you  get clearance from your Doctor.

If you are more than 6 months even 7 years postpartum then your coaching plan will equally work for you.

All your exercise is progressive

All you need for your exercise is your body, a resistance band and a pair of dumbbell, which you can order here and I will send them to you immediately or you can use your Lycra scarf for resistance band fill an empty water bottle with sand or water for dumbbell and you’re good to go.





Because, I’m confident of this program, and the result you will get if you follow it, you can try it free for 15 days and then decide if it’s right for you, if you don’t love it or see any benefit or change, email me  within 15 days and I’ll send you a full refund. No question asked.

And like all our programs, we reward you when you stay focused and finish your program.

The total cost is N60,000k for 3 months but you pay 20k monthly. Think of all the wasted money on supplements some as expensive as N50,000k for only 2 weeks with nothing to show for it. Try this solution that works risk free for 15 days


If you have any question or concern about this program, email me @ . I’m happy to help.



But I can find this stuff online or just watch YouTube.

You can definitely get some stuff out there, but isn’t that what you’ve been doing all this time. I also give away a lot of my material for free.

And sure if you have the time, money and energy to spend hours and hours, days, weeks and months and years, jumping from one channel to another, searching through horrible post partum advice online to find what actually works and how that applies to you, then go for it.

But, for those of you who want result now, from the best methods available, personally created for you by a woman, a mother and a coach who knows, to guide you through self care and specific needs that only women have, tu is for you

I can go to the gym and get a personal trainer

Most trainers are not trained about women’s need and post partum care. They may even end up making  your situation worse.

Ask others what they did?

Do you really want to continue with trial and error?  PTT has done all the hard work for you. I’ve read the books, done the training, done the research, had 3 kids and figured out the exact process, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes you need to rebuild your body after childbirth and how to incorporate it into your life so you still have a life and… I’ve made it ready for you. All you have to do is get started now

Your tummy and body will stay with you for the rest of your life, so why not aim for the best body, tummy and life?

Why not give yourself access to the best post partum resource you can get your hands on and rebuild your body

Why not set yourself free from waist cinchers, belly fat tea and local herbs in a bottle. Do you really know what’s inside and the effect on your body you?

All you need for your exercise is your body, a resistance band and a pair of dumbbell, which you can order here and I will send them to you immediately or you can use your Lycra scarf for resistance band fill an empty water bottle with sand or water for dumbbell and you’re good to go.

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