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The post partum and Diastasis Recti program for new and senior mum  that is designed to help you quickly and permanently improve your midsection and blast belly fat, improve your sex life, lose weight, get a healthier pelvic floor, tighter vaginal muscle and boost your confidence without anxiety and frustration.



This is a 12 weeks plan with step by step guide, weekly instructional exercise videos, nutrition guidance and coaching articles filled with the exact strategy to give you the tummy, body and life you want.


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Start as early as 72hrs after delivery.

My approach is  centered on you, your personal goals , schedule, values and lifestyle so that your plan can easily fit in and not disrupt your life

Nutrition guidance that will include healthy and tasty recipe and meal planning.

Well researched Nutrition, fitness, behavior, and mindset coaching articles, guides and worksheets that will give you the information  and actionable steps you should take will be sent to you via email on a weekly basis with ongoing support and communication throughout the 8weeks to ensure your plan is being done correctly to ensure result.

Each week  you’ll get 2 new Instructional exercise videos with modifications and special PDF instruction  to suit your level but effective enough to support your goal.

Each exercise session only takes 20 minutes of your day, 3- 4 times a week 

What you should expect?

A flatter belly, stronger core, leaner,fitter, confident and healthier you all over

  • Help you heal your Diastasis recti( abdominal split)
  • Learn the exercise to stop doing and learn the exercises that will help you close your DR and get a flatter tummy
  • Stop peeing involuntarily when you jump, sneeze, or cough.
  •  Start healing your pelvic floor
  • Teach you what to do immediately after childbirth as early as 24 hours to start rebuilding your body.
  • Have more intimacy in your relationship
  • Start zipping up your jean and start wearing clothes you’ve given up on ever wearing
  • Finally get people to stop asking you “when are you due?” even though you’re not pregnant

When can I start the program?

Well, sooner than you think!

From the information on your questionnaire you’ll start with your own personal plan. That’s why this is a coaching plan.

But even as early as 24 hours after childbirth, you can start with your first instructional exercise videos to start you on the right path to a flatter tummy and stronger core.

If you had a C- section  there are very mild but effective exercises you can still do in your plan when you  get clearance from your Doctor.

If you are more than 6 months even 7 years postpartum then your coaching plan will equally work for you.

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COST OF THE PROGRAM N20,000 OR $55 for the 8 weeks


Agu, Nkeoma .C.

CALL (WEEKDAYS ONLY) +2348053398983


Email :

FACEBOOK: Bellisimafitbellisima

INSTAGRAM: @bellissimafit

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