Weight loss and Body Transformation coaching

Do you remember the last time you started a diet program-the cleanse that had you cramping and running to the nearest rest room with shame( places you wouldn’t enter but had to because you can’t hold it in anymore) You notice a flatter tummy after the bout of rest room sprint.

But after two days the tummy came back.

Or the other program that had you buying a whole package of stuff upon stuff that had you resentful at how much they expected you to spend and finding out the package didn’t measure up or you gave up because it was sucking the life out of you

 Doing all sorts not knowing what works

Starting a workout routine online and then in the midst of the workout start wondering if the person is a sadist or a machine. How can she be smiling and telling you “come on you can do it” , “10 more” , when every bone in your body is screaming for a break.

They tell you about fat burning belt and tea or is it fat vibrating belt and you buy it.

And herbal teas. Its endless noise every moment.

Downloading weight loss apps you’re won’t use and end up deleting

We’ve all been there, determined to start a new routine, you bought new exercise stuff, you register in a gym, cleaned out your kitchen of unhealthy stuff,  gave 100% to your workout, started your diet the same day, you were so motivated.

You even buy some handy equipment –  treadmill or bike you can use at home, if you can’t make it to the gym.

But, 3 days later, you are thinking up excuses not to go to the gym, your body hurts, your food is so unappetizing you don’t feel like eating, your energy level is low.

You start wondering if this is what all those lovely people you see smiling on Instagram  go through to get those amazing bodies. Your equipment’s are now gathering dust. You use them for 5 minutes and spend the other time just wondering at your life.

You decide, its better to be alive, you have one life, you might as well enjoy it. You console yourself with “i’m big boned”, “Everyone is not meant to be slim”. “I have fat genes”, “My grandparents were fat” “There are fat models changing the way people think about their bodies”. So you  give up


Until,  one day, you’re scrolling through Instagram and you see pictures of your friends looking amazing  or someone makes a bad remark about your weight or you see your photo or you have a health or issue

Or you ask yourself “Isn’t there a way that will have me having fun while burning fat. Eating good food while burning fat. Making sense of all this noise about cleanse, ACV, green smoothie and the million diet?

Yes, you’re right. There’s a better, more effective and sustainable way to burn body fat, look good and not be miserable.

Imagine being able to exercise just 20 minutes everyday anywhere you are  and still get amazing body with workout that are simple effective, that leaves you energized and willing to do more instead of  leaving you sore. You’re actually starting to look forward to doing them.

You are doing the exercise you love with instructional exercise video specifically made for you, not generalized videos without any idea of the challenges you’re facing.

You actually come home and you are calm because you’re not harried about what to eat; you have it all planned out.

And they’re absolutely delicious, scrumptious and mouth watering.

You are no longer alone at home with boring bland meals, you go out with friends and you’re prepared; you know what to eat and how to eat without overstepping into calorie overload.

You bring out that your favorite dress you didn’t have the heart to give away when the fat started piling on and you find out you can actually wear it.


And those tight clothes, you notice they’re becoming loose, your thinking about reshaping them.

You notice that all that extra lumps of flesh that seem to burst out of strategic areas no matter the kind all confining body magic you wear is gradually disappearing.

Your skin is glowing, the double chin is disappearing and your “mojo” is back

Friends are commenting on your slimmer body, you are more energetic and youthful.

You are refreshed, empowered and rearing to go and face any challenge.

Your mindset is working perfectly with you, there’s no sabotaging thoughts, you KNOW what you’re doing and you’re in for the long haul.

You are no longer jealous of your friends or want to be like them because you know, you’r building your best body, the body that becomes, not Stella’s body but (mention your name) ………… body; spectacular, jaw dropping, awe inspiring body.

And when life gets in the way? You are armed with defensive ammo to get back on your feet and continue.

Think about it, babies do hold on to things when learning to walk, when they let go of their support they fall.

But they don’t just sit there. They may sit a while crying at first, but, they get up.

At a point they’ll no more need the support to help them stand. They can stand on their own. And when she fall, the baby stands immediately and continues walking. No more crying, no more waiting for mummy to see her cute crying face and pick her up.

Then she starts walking confidently and breaks into a run.

And they don’t go back to crawling, they sit when they want and get up when they want but they don’t crawl anymore.

And that’s what you get here. The support to help you stand, information and step by step tools to help you navigate through obstacles so you can stand till you can run on your own.



Eat, live and move in a way that helps you lose weight in just 12 weeks. AND GET REWARDED when you FINISH YOUR PROGRAM with VISIBLE BODY TRANSFORMATION. Yes, we reward you for staying focused and losing fat

This is a 1-1 coaching program between you and me. It lasts a minimum of 3 months.  but you can extend it if you feel you need more coaching. I WILL GIVE YOU SUPPORT, HOLD YOUR HAND, AND CHEER YOU ON TILL YOU CAN STAND.

And when you stand I’ll be there cheering you on. You’re not alone.

ready join FOR 3

This is for serious individuals like you who are tired of the never ending roller coaster of weight loss and weight gain and want to make serious improvement in their fat loss.

Lose weight and transform your body wherever you are with our 1-1 online weight loss coaching.

Exercise in the privacy of your home with your own instructional exercise videos in just 20 minutes everyday and eat in a way that nourishes your body and helps you to lose weight without leaving you starving and devoid of energy.

Get mindset coaching too to help you stop sabotaging your weight loss.

Everything you need is here – weight loss without restrictive dieting.

You won’t spend money on any supplements because you wont be buying any.

Just healthy, happy and visible weight loss and body transformation.

What you won’t get

We don’t sell supplements, cleanse or tea. We coach you on how to eat and the truth about the role ACV, green tea and the rest play in a healthy lifestyle and if you really need them.

Learn the role of wellness culture in weight loss, body and life transformation and sustainable weight loss

Discover this 2 tricks my clients use to lose weight and keep it off – the edge technique and accidental time practice technique. Learn other secret techniques you can only get here and start your transformation.

Because, I’m confident of you can try it free 15 days free and then decide if its right for you, if you don’t love or see any benefit or change, email me and I’ll send you a full refund. No question asked.

ready join

The total cost is N90,000 for 3 months but you pay N30,000 monthly. Think of all the wasted money on supplements some the same amount as your monthly earning with nothing to show for it. Try this solution that works risk free for 15 days


If you have any question or concern about this program, email me @ bellisimafitness@gmail.com . I’m happy to help.