Experience the exclusive wellness and life coaching program for women that will help you lose weight, transform your life and relationship and change you into a refreshed and empowered woman without stress and frustration.


Are you so busy and tired but feeling guilty that you’re not giving your children and family enough attention they deserve?

Are you always compensating with gifts and little treats of yourself to make up for the inattention?

Are you worried how your work hours and habit is affecting your health? Do you have persistent waist  back pain, neck pain and a body that seems to be putting on more fat on a daily basis no matter what you do?

Are you looking at your old photos and clothes longingly with regret and thinking I can never wear this or look this way again.

Has your husband finally mummy and friend zoned you

Did you start a new program only to watch it unravel when faced with life because there is never enough time?

Are you frustrated because you believe it takes too long to achieve your goal?

Are you so frustrated that you don’t know where to start

A woman once told me that there are lots of things to do at home after work, and it’s even harder to pick up the courage to start anything with her crazy routine.

Are you settling down with fat and boredom because you feel that’s all that’s left to do?

We’ve all being there, you get married and decide you won’t be like other women that let work, career and life make them let go and turn into a shadow of themselves, only to see yourself turning into the same thing you dread.

Then you settle down: same Sunday meetings, same Saturday wedding and traditional wedding, same asoebi, same weekly and weekend plans, same conversation about hubby, children, diet and cleanse.

You’ve got your man and kids, so what’s the point, you let it all hang down and out.

Do you have to settle? Surely there’s much more to life? A better way to balance work and family and still be on top of your game in life and in your body

I thought about it too, settling down with whatever life and my body threw at me….. but I didn’t want to slide into a rut, I didn’t want to lose my exploration value; so I took a decision to improve my life and body in a sustainable way, not for a weekend or month but for life


Being able to create 7 hours for yourself every week

You have time to eat, relax, and hang out with your partner and children and family

You come home to an organized evening, instead of a harassed what am I cooking for dinner

You’re wearing those favorite clothes you discarded and changing our wardrobe to clothes you love

Your confidence is back

You no longer have to plead a headache

You lose weight without stress

Your relationship and sex life has taken a massive leap of improvement

You still get to eat the food you love

You’re achieving your purpose and actively inspiring others with your gifts

And because you know what’s important to you, you no longer waste your time gossiping and talking about who is dating who, other people’s sex life, and watching cat videos.


The nutrition, exercise and life coaching program for women for beating frustration,  building a stronger and leaner body, building the life and relationship you love and becoming  a refreshed empowered and ready for any challenge woman, with zero stress

Discover how you can transform your body and life in less than 13 weeks even if you’re busy with family and work.


Simple and easy wellness from Enugu Nigeria, by a woman for women

The Women Wellness Academy WWA, is a 16 weeks  online program that Is designed to help you quickly and permanently get a leaner and stronger body, improve your  life and relationship, and achieve your full potential as a woman.

For a long time the neglect of other key aspects of your life has resulted in a roller coaster ride of weight loss and weight gain because the whole essence of who we are as women is overlooked.

This leads to an imbalance that relies heavily on the physical and because there’s no connection with the other aspects it topples

But, the good news is that WW ACADEMY course will inspire, empower, invigorate and educate you on topics and actions to take related to work/life balance, weight loss, relationship, nutrition, exercise, gratitude, sexuality and self care.


Organized into four self-contained paths, WW ACADEMY will show you exactly what to do to tackle what you’re struggling with most…

  • We’ll cover all the exercise, nutrition, mindset and weight loss fundamentals
  • Discover the stacking technique and how to use culture of wellness to achieve amazing body and life transformation
  • How to fit what you need into your life
  • How to meal prep without losing your mind and wasting money
  • No more slaving in the kitchen for hours
  • Get recipes on smoothies, and real food that you can find locally that will help fight bloat, burn fat and handle hormonal issues. Tweak them to suit your taste
  • How to exercise in the time available to you and the specific exercise that you’ll be doing to achieve fitter and stronger body without hurting your knee or back, including 16 weeks exercise program to follow
  • How to get in me time which you can use the way you want without changing your calendar
  • Why you don’t need to change your priorities to change your life
  • How to dominate difficult lifestyle situations by leveraging your own psychological triggers
  • How to get quick and easy wins from big intimidating goals
  • Discover how to recognize ‘void time’ and put it into good in a creative and effective way
  • How to rapidly speed up your transformation process by answering 5 simple questions
  • How to manipulate your behavior to start building healthier habits
  • The 5 minutes rule that helped me transform my body and life faster
  • Better Libido and Better sleep
  • Building and sustaining a healthy relationship
  • Learn how to incorporate what you learn into your real life routine throughout your life.
  • Stress, sleep and time management
  • Greater knowledge and understanding of who you are, and how to sustain a healthy lifestyle

The course happens completely online so you can do it anywhere. It’s time to experience amazing body and life




Because, I’m confident of this program, and the result you will get if you follow it, you can try it free for 15 days and then decide if it’s right for you, if you don’t love it or see any benefit or change, email me  within 15 days and I’ll send you a full refund. No question asked.

And like all our programs, we reward you when you stay focused and finish your program.

The total cost is N100,000 for 4 months but you pay N25,000 monthly. Think of all the wasted money on supplements some as expensive as N50,000 for only 2 weeks with nothing to show for it. Try this solution that works risk free for 15 days

If you’ve struggled with weight, your life and relationship

If you’ve struggled with having work – family- life balance

If you’ve bought programs, supplements and tried diets that didn’t measure up or you didn’t stick to it

Then this is for you.

Don’t be that person sitting there a year from now and feeling regret for not having taken action


How long does the course last?

The course lasts for 16 weeks but you’ll have continued support from me after the course.

How will the service be delivered?

All the lessons, videos and PDF will be delivered via email

How long does it take to get started?

As soon as your payment clears and you fill and return your questionnaire.

What should I expect when we get started?

Once you buy the course you will start your welcome process. Once you’re done with your welcome process, you’ll start receiving your nutrition, exercise, videos and lifestyle plan. You are also free to contact me with questions and support via email on any aspect of your program ANYTIME.

                          ready join

Have more questions about the process? I’m ready to help Email me

Or call 08053398983

Don’t be that person sitting there a year from now and feeling regret for not having taken action now.