You are welcome to the WOMEN WELLNESS ACADEMY Course

This is a place where you’ll get the opportunity, information and environment that supports you so you can make healthy choices and live an inspiring and fulfilling life where every aspect of your life; physical, emotional, economic, mental, spiritual and social cometogether in balance  to make you whole in every way.

Are you a woman and you feel overwhelmed by life, trying to balance all you have to do,  and still be healthy? Is the stress of creating and growing your business having a negative impact on your health and your love life, or are you a busy executive or professional that can’t get your personal life, weight, health and work/ life balanced, or you’re living in an ever present feeling of fatigue and exhaustion and you don’t know exactly what to do. Maybe you just want to lose body fat and start a healthy lifestyle that will fit into your busy life without disrupting it more.

                                    You’re in the right place. Welcome.

 The WW ACADEMY is an exclusive 16 weeks step by step, action by action online training course specifically created for  women to sustain a successful life, lose body fat, live an inspired life without sacrificing their health and relationship.

For a long time, rigid diet and excessive exercise with neglect of other key aspects of your life has resulted in a rollercoaster ride of weight loss and weight gain because the whole essence of who we are as women is not added to the programs.

This leads to an imbalance that relies heavily on the physical and because there’s no foundation with the other aspects it topples

A lot of  women in today’s chaotic world are feeling a lack of control in both their personal and professional lives, a lack of meaningful connection and an unhealthy lifestyle.

But, the good news is that WW ACADEMY course will inspire, empower, invigorate and educate you on topics and actions to take related to work/life balance, weight loss, relationship, nutrition, exercise, gratitude, sexuality and self care.

Learn how to become a happier and healthier you by simply learning  and implementing the culture of wellness





Everything you need for weight loss is in the culture of wellness and that’s what you’ll get in WW ACADEMY. Every beautiful aspect of your life is taken into consideration. Women’s wellness is not only weight loss. There are 5 dimensions of wellness;Physical, health, mental, emotional, financial wellness and The WW ACADEMY takes all these parts into consideration.

Most lifestyle course out there for women is about weight loss without considering other aspects of your life. Life is much more than weight loss. You will not only transform your body, but the other connecting wheels that will make your life complete will come together.

You’ll get an effective, easy, systematic and focused  plan with a clear purpose of getting you a healthy life, healthy relationship, a balanced life and a transformed body with a minimum dose but highly effective techniques.

I personally know the struggles women go through while having a demanding career and a busy family life. I understand the guilty feeling when their inability to balance work and life leads to a relationship and health collapse.

I understand the anxiety and the persistent nagging stress of trying to balance your desire to achieve your purpose in life and still be everything to everyone – a good boss, good employee/entrepreneur, good wife, mum, daughter, sister, friend, mentor and nurturer…….. Wherever you’re needed. I understand your desire to be able to do it all and still have a healthy, successful and happy life. To be energetic, glowing with health and to have a striking body.

And you can have it. With the BY ACADEMY you’ll  start seeing

  • A Stronger and fitter body
  • Improved health and relationship
  • Positive changes to your life and body
  • Younger and more vibrant you
  • Control in every aspect of your life
  • Better Libido and Better sleep
  • Greater knowledge and understanding of who you are, and how to sustain a healthy lifestyle
  • Become all you’re purposed to be while managing stress and achieving work/ life balance




Here’s a peek into what to expect in the course

  • What’s important in life?
  • Why what you eat matters and affect how you age, feel and look
  •  Sexuality and sensuality with a busy lifestyle
  • Meditation and relaxation techniques
  • Weight loss and body transformation
  • How to exercise in the time available to you and the specific exercise that you’ll be doing to achieve fitter and stronger body without hurting your knee or back, including 16 weeks exercise program to follow
  • Instructional exercise videos
  • Career and Life;
  • What’s important in life?
  • How to build and sustain a healthy relationship
  • How to successfully switch roles
  • Learning to plan your meals, hunger cues and how to eat to achieve your health goals
  • Tasty and easy to prepare recipes from all over the world.
  • Stress management and building an energy base
  • Sleep and Time management
  • Growing into all you are
  • Guidelines on what foods and supplements that will best support the changing needs of your busy lifestyle
  • 3 products that will help you get the best from your course

The course happens completely online so you can do it anywhere. Nothing is shippedAt the end of the course you’ll be able to balance your work and life, lose body fat, transform and build a stronger body, and have a stronger and healthier relationship and start living an inspired life.


This course is for women who want to get their life and body in order. It works for  executives, stay at or work from home moms, entrepreneurs, professionals and students.


For the past 10 years,I have worked with women of different background and taught them the simple steps of sustainable weight loss and lifestyle change in a manner that creates lifelong wellness. I opened the first ever females only gym in Nigeria: Bellisima Fitness; so I can give women the support and help they need in a supportive and friendly environment

My Fitness and wellness company Bellisima Fitness and Health Studio Ltd is also 1 of the best corporate wellness companies in Nigeria.

Most lifestyle course out there for women is about weight loss without considering other aspects of your life. Life is much more than weight loss. You will not only transform your body, but the other connecting wheels that will make your life complete will come together.

This is from women that have worked with me:

I believe that there is no single approach to wellness so I designed  this course to take the guesswork out of getting fit and healthy at your most productive years.

I also believe that all women are unique and that you can define and create what beauty, lean and sexy means for you. I believe that no matter how busy you are that with the right approach (which I will give you) that you will achieve your fitness and wellness goal.

The best approach is the one that works for you and that’s what I will help you find. I will provide expert guidance that will allow you to eat the food you love and exercise in a way that enhances and fits your life for your specific body type and preference.

Do you travel a lot, even unscheduled and on the moment business trips? Do you work long hours? I understand and will use my experience to meet your career and health goals.

Together we will build a plan that compliments your body and life by simplifying things you were finding difficult and making the changes as smooth and easy as possible.



How long does it take to see results?

If you listen to my coaching advice, follow your course and put it to use, you will start seeing real life and visible change in as little as 14 days. Your result will depend on the effort you are willing to put in and follow the process. This is not an overnight body and life transformation but I promise you’ll see progressive visible result.

How long does the course last?

The course lasts for 16 weeks but you’ll have continued support from me after the course.

How will the service be delivered?

All the videos and PDF will be delivered via email

How long does it take to get started?

As soon as your payment clears and you fill and return your questionnaire.

What should I expect when we get started?

Once you buy the course you will start your welcome process. Once you’re done with your welcome process, you’ll start receiving your nutrition, exercise, videos and lifestyle plan. You are also free to contact me with questions and support via email on any aspect of your program ANYTIME.

How much does it cost?

The WW Academy costs N30,000 a month for the 16 weeks (4 months). You can cancel anytime

                                                                             Is there a guarantee?

I am so confident that the B5Y course will change your life. You’re Protected With Our 100% 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. If you follow the program and it’s not for you, contact me within 30 days of purchasing the program and I will give you a full refund, so there’s ZERO risk to you.

I know that the WW ACADEMY has the power to change your body and life, get you fitter and stronger and arm you with exactly what you need to know and implement to get your life, health and relationship back on track.


To contact me follow this link

Have more questions about the process? Email me

Make today the first day of your BODY/ LIFE TRANSFORMATION STORY! Don’t become so busy with your career that you think it’s not the right time and keep postponing self care until it’s too late. Don’t be that person sitting there a year from now and feeling regret for not having taken action.