Bellisima Fitness ‘ME’


Because, It’s time for you to take care of yourself

The BFB is a 4 months online coaching plan that will gradually guide you in the steps you need to start taking today to achieve the goal of a leaner, fitter, stronger and healthier you.

The Bellisima Fitness ‘ME’  plan is skill based to empower you to make and keep making the right choices that will keep you in the right path to a lifetime of sustainable body transformation and healthy habit.

In this program you’ll start losing the body fat that you’ve been gaining slowly each year and month and take the first step in regaining control of your body.

Because, ignoring your body or making excuses is not going to make it go away.

You’ve been taking care of business and loved ones, why not do the same for yourself so you’ll be better prepared to take care of competing life responsibilities?

You’ll start eating without guilt but in a way that is mindful and supportive of your goal and life.

You’ll improve your body in as little as 20 minutes, 4 times a week by using highly customized exercise and nutrition guidance.

You’ll exercise in  a way that suits your life , ability level, goal, preference and schedule.

You can do your exercise in your home, hotel room, gym or park.

You’ll stop fighting with your body and appreciate it for all the amazing things you may not realize it has been doing for you.

 START BELLISIMA FITNESS “ME”  FOR  JUST $99 a month for 4 months

Start  Bellisima Fitness ‘ME’

This is not a diet

You’ll learn and create new habits that will last a lifetime not 28 days.

And No, I won’t tell you what to eat. No one knows your taste, your likes and dislikes in food like you.

  • What you will get are delicious meal suggestion and information to guide you, so you’ll have the knowledge, understanding and confidence to make the right food decision.

Once you understand what to eat, how to eat, the portion that will do it for you and the need for balance, you are on the way to a lifetime of conscious and mindful body type eating.

And you can tweak all the recipes to suit your taste with the ingredients available in your location

  • You’ll learn the skills to make great food choices even when you’re short on time
  • Get nutrition guidance for your busy life
  • Enjoy life, have fun, eat the food you love and achieve your goal

What would you like?

Whatever your goal, I’ll work with you via email with ongoing support and communication throughout the 16 weeks to ensure that you’re plan is being done correctly to ensure result.

You’ll stop seeing food as good and bad and see them as they really are – nourishment for your body. You’ll get the information and knowledge you need to make the right decision around food and start eating in the way that is best for your body and your health

  • 2 brand new workouts  based on your preference will be released to you each week with instructional videos and PDF instructions to prevent injury and over training
  • Mindset and habit coaching – Each week, you may receive helpful articles, checklists, new habits, helpful prompts or visualization lesson. What you get each week depends on your progress, challenges and progress review to make sure that you keep getting result.

Decide what you really want, not the stereotyped images you are bombarded with everyday in magazine and social media that tell you what you should look like and let me work with you to make your decision happen.

You’ll not only get what you need to do today to transform your body and life, you’ll also get the tools and actionable steps to  achieve optimum health not just for today but for the next 5 years and beyond.

Is the BFB coaching right for me?

If you’re a woman and you envision a fitter, stronger, healthier, more energetic you all over, then this program is for you.

Women who enroll in this program are busy women who have strong work ethics and are serious about transforming their health and bodies and life not just from the outside but from the inside.

If you want a balanced online coaching program that will give you result without taking over your life.

You want to feel better about yourself

This plan works for professionals, students, busy mums and stay at home mums.

And It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done online coaching program before, you can do this.

But, For you to be part of this program:

  • You must have a strong work ethic and be able to commit to the whole plan
  • You can commit to exercising for just 20 minutes at least 4 times in a week
  • You are prepared to update me with your measurement, nutrition, workout and photos so I can monitor your progress and make changes to your plan when necessary so you’ll keep getting result
  • You’re ready to transform your body and health.
  • You feel that this is the right time, that there’s no better time than now to start your body transformation.


START BELLISIMA FIT BODY FOR $99  a month for 4 months
( you can cancel anytime)

Start Bellisima Fitness ‘ME’ NOW
100% Satisfaction Guarantee OR Your Money Back within 30 days
if you don’t see positive improvement in your life and body.

Our payment gateway, Payza, accepts credit cards and not debit cards, so if you’re joining the program from Nigeria and you have a debit card, just send an email to and we’ll find the perfect payment solution for you.                                                                                                                               

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