When I look at fitness, I feel something is missing.  



All the aspects of wellness; physical, emotional, economic, mental, spiritual and social comes together to make you whole in every way.

And that’s what I feel is missing.

You’re a whole and interconnected being but the different parts make you whole, if one part’s not in order it affects the other parts.

Just one aspect of fitness doesn’t satisfy in the long run. If it does, we wouldn’t have people with spectacular bodies sabotaging their life and success by indulging in destructive behavior.


I want you to have a behavior and mindset shift to promote a culture of health not a culture of weight loss. Because everything you need for weight loss is inside a healthy lifestyle. The moment you embrace it as part of your life and not a one time event for a wedding, summer time, December celebration, fitting into a dress or making people like you or for the scale to move, you’ll be surprised at how easily you’ll transform your body.

I want you to build a healthy body and inspired life, so you can live a healthy and fulfilling life. When you have a toothache or headache it doesn’t just affect your teeth or your head alone, it affects the whole body because its interconnected.

Your weight matters but so does your relationship, your overall health, your purpose in life, your finances and your emotional wellbeing.

This is a place where you’ll get the opportunity, information and environment that supports you so you can make healthy choices and live an inspiring and fulfilling life where every aspect of your life is healthy.

Wellness, Weight loss and Life Coaching from Enugu

It’s time to stop seeing only fat when you look at yourself, and exercise and nutrition as something you’re forcing yourself do so the number on the scale will shift, to fit into a dress, please your partner or to be accepted

Instead see it as long term total wellness culture so you can enjoy your kids and grandchildren, enjoy your marriage and relationship, be strong enough to create and grow your business and career, to not depend on medication to manage your life  and not be afraid of having your feet cut off like Gabourey Sidibe because of diabetes

With a shift to total wellness, lifestyle changes will no longer be a struggle

Because all you need for weight loss has always been there, it’s inside a health and total wellness culture.

I’m Nkeoma DND Agu and I’m passionate about inspiring and empowering women to build a culture of total wellness and inspiring life. And I’m glad that we’re connected. I hope that being here will help you get off the diet and extreme exercise roller coaster and that you’ll embrace a healthy and inspiring life ……..You’ll find weight loss and spectacular body transformation inside.

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An exclusive step by step online training program  created for women to build and sustain a healthy and inspired life even if they’re very busy

 PostPartum Body and Tummy training

This is a special course for women to help you rebuild your body after childbirth, get a flatter tummy lose excess body fat or heal diastasis recti. Start rebuilding your body as early as 24 hours after child birth and as later as 3- 6 years after childbirth. We’ve got you covered.

Ultimate curves and physique plan

A comprehensive nutrition and exercise plan to build curves and a spectacular physique even if you’re skinny

Body transformation and weight loss plan

This is not your regular restrictive diet and exercise plan. This is a step by step guide to help you lose excess body fat, transform your body and live a healthier and fulfilling life without feeling miserable. You’ll achieve this through eating and exercising in a way you’ll love and recognizing obstacles both within and outside and finding the best way to overcome them.

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Corporate and workplace wellness training


 Unbutton.….. and unwind with our well timed programming, individualized to meet the need of every organization. From outdoor exercise that builds overall fitness and team spirit, equipping and managing workplace gym and running your swimming pool.The number of your staff is not a problem.

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