Rebuild your postpartum body, Get a flatter tummy, stop incontinence and start living confidently and showing up fully the way you want after pregnancy.

  Pregnancy, and delivery comes with unexpected challenges that’s very painful. A lot of those challenges like, a tummy that refuses to go down no matter what you do, looking pregnant all the time, peeing when you sneeze, cough or laugh, wearing pads every time to soak up the pee or changing your underwear 5 – times everyday, waist pain and painful intimacy is so painful and embarrassing that moms just hide it.

In some cases when you complain to your Doctor they tell you, its part of being a mom. That it will pass.

But, it doesn’t and in most cases it gets worse. What you may not realize is that you are dealing with DIASTASIS RECTI.

Diastasis Recti is when the 2 sides of your abdominal muscles separates in the middle during pregnancy to make room for your baby to grow. After pregnancy, this separation has to be repaired and closed, if it’s not repaired and closed, your tummy will not go down no matter what you do.

The traditional abs exercise like planking and sit ups will only make the separation wider, your tummy bigger and dieting will not repair or close it either.


That’s why you have been on different weight loss program but at the end your tummy still remains big because the fundamental issue which is a separated abdominal muscle has not been taken care of.

And its not just your tummy that’s affected, because of the connection between your abdominal muscle, your back and pelvic floor you may also have other challenges like waist pain, urine leaks, painful intimacy, constant constipation and bloating.

And in extreme cases it may lead to hernia or prolapse

Are you experiencing any of these?

What if I told you, you don’t have to manage these challenges anymore, that there’s  evidence based, innovative, customized one on one coaching that thousands of my clients from all over the world have used to rebuild their postpartum body, get a flatter tummy and a stronger core, balance their pelvic floor, stop involuntary urine leaks, stop painful intimacy and are now living confidently and showing up fully the way they want again?

HI, I’m Nkeoma. The multiple award winning postpartum recovery specialist, Diastasis Recti Repair and pelvic floor Coach. I’m the creator of the award winning BBLB – Better body and Life after Baby plan and Game of Wellness Global (GOWG) I’m also Wellness Consultant to female Professionals and Executives

I’ve worked with thousands of moms from all over the world to rebuild their body and life after childbirth so they can live fully and confidently.

I use only evidence based, sustainable, tried techniques and method that has given true results over years in my program In  BBLB – Better Body and Life after Baby, I use only evidence based, sustainable, safe, tested and result oriented techniques and method that has given my clients true and sustainable results over the years.

BBLB let’s live and enjoy life while doing and eating the things you love. It will not disrupt your life or suck enjoyment and life out of you. It is safe for breastfeeding moms. You can do BBLB no matter how busy you are as it’s tailored to meet your needs, schedule, lifestyle and health history


REAL MOMS                            REAL RESULTS

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Let me guide you to  rebuild your body and life after childbirth, repair Diastasis recti, and retrain your pelvic floor so you can feel good, look good and enjoy a body that functions properly again.




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If you have given birth and are confused on how to rebuild your body, then I invite you to register for my one on one personalized  BBLB plan – Better Body and Life after Baby so you can get a flatter tummy, repair Diastasis recti, banish waist pain and incontinence, regain your confidence, tighten your vaginal muscle, strengthen your pelvic floor and improve your sex life         

 Let me help you navigate through life so you can come out on top not broken.


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