Get Fit and Healthy and enjoy a Good Relationship while building the Life you Want



Bellisima Fitness empowers women in Nigeria to get fit and live a healthier life while becoming all that they’re meant to be, by giving them the information, tools and support they need to build a fitter and healthier body, sustainable transformation and a truly fulfilling life through exercise, nutrition guidance and self care information.

You are not just a physical being that wants to lose weight, you have emotions, dreams and purpose. And I’m here not only to help you transform your body but also to help you transform your life by helping you realize the things that are important to you and how you can make a difference.

Join me in the B5Y ACADEMY

Let go of the get successful lose your shape, health, relationship and happiness syndrome once and for all. We’ll provide you with the training you need to build a fitter and stronger body  from the inside out, a more efficient and productive life and still create time for the important things to you no matter how time challenged you are

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Training programs

Do you need to lose fat, build curves, rebuild your body after childbirth or heal diastasis recti, build muscle, heal your relationship with your body and food or you want to ditch dieting and start eating in a sustainable way that will guarantee fat loss? We’ve got you covered.

Start the Tummy and Body Confidence for Mom

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Start the Ultimate Curves and  physique Plan


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Workout with Nkeoma in Bellisima Fitness gym 

If you are in Nigeria, you can train with me in the Bellisima Fitness gym at our locations in Enugu and Ngwo in a motivating and friendly environment  with different training programs to suit your preference and experience for your specific goal.


Mind body connectionConnect to yourself on a deeper level, during exercise and everyday activity. with positive affirmations and visualizations. Learn to fill your mind with positivity.

Corporate and workplace wellness training


 Bellisima Fitness is NO. 1 when it comes to workplace wellness in Nigeria. Unbutton.….. and unwind with our well timed programming, individualized to meet the need of every organization. From outdoor exercise that builds overall fitness and team spirit, equipping and managing workplace gym and running your swimming pool.The number of your staff is not a problem.

We have managed and still manages big corporate organizations with more than 500 staff and smaller organizations with 50 -100 staff.Our live events and presentations will leave your employees energized

And you know what – it’s full circle when you take care of your employees they take care of business – you and your business is happy and healthy.

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‘Remember – Life is motion. When you make out time for your wellness, you’ll not only transform your life, you’ll transform your body’

Nkeoma DND Agu