Unleash your spirit – Transform your life, Transform your body



The one thing that hinders body transformation is not realizing that you need to transform your life.

There are some thoughts, habits and images that have to go –You need to move things –There are things in your life that need to be moved up, moved down, moved in or out.

Your Life is what you do every day; it’s your mindset, your habit, your values, your beliefs and what influences your decision. The moment you start a gradual change in your ‘life’, your mindset shifts, your values shift and your body will start changing.

Transform your life, Transform your body.

It’s time to see fitness as moving your body in a way you love, a way that best suits your body type and goal and not as punishment. For so long you may have  punished yourself with brutal and more brutal workout that leave you sore, tired with a broken spirit and not nearer to your goal. You become a prisoner of your scale and punish or reward yourself according to what the scale says.

The day you start including yourself in your definition of beautiful and start moving your life and body from a place of love, faith and possibilities, you will not only build the body you deserve, your life will start changing.

Workout with Nkeoma DND Agu – Train in a way that sets you free while transforming your body.

YEAHMy training is challenging but fun, filled with positive visualizations and affirmations. You will move in a way that will not only help you achieve the body transformation you desire but will have a ripple effect of magnifying your effort in every area of life and make you more useful.

Join me in Bellisima Fitness gym or subscribe to 1-1 coaching.


Online Coaching plans for 3 different needs but with the same foundation.

  • Are you naturally skinny and you want to gain curves, healthy weight and muscle, then register for the Ultimate Curves Plan
Ultimate Curves Coaching Plan For Skinny Girls To Build Curves, Gain Healthy Weight And Muscle.
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  • Are you busy and you don’t have time to go the the gym but need to get fitter and stronger? Start the Bellisima Fitness ‘ME’
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I’ve got you covered in my 3 different coaching plans. Just choose the one that resonates with you and let me work with you and coach you to transform your body and life.

You can build the body you want and I’ll help you do that.

Join me and start your transformation – in and out.

Bellisima Fitness is about acceptance and All round transformation, Not just for your body, your consistency translates into efficiency in your life and work, and creates a positive emotional state that make you better for your  family,  friends, business, career, and everyone around

Move because you love and want to, not as a punishment for your imagined bad behavior.  Move because it’s essential. Learn sometimes to just break loose and move in a way that sets you free not just as exercise – break into a dance, move, jump. It’s exhilarating, mindset breaking, and mind changing.

Energize! Get filled with vitality and energy

Mind body connection

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Connect to yourself on a deeper level, during exercise and everyday activity. My connect audio which is part of our coaching plan is filled with positive affirmations, visualizations, exercises and prompts.





Corporate and workplace wellness

blog-img-1No one is left behind. We bring motion to your workplace.

Bellisima Fitness is NO. 1 when it comes to workplace wellness in Nigeria.

Unbutton.….. and unwind with our well timed programming, individualized to meet the need of every organization. From outdoor exercise that builds overall fitness and team spirit, equipping and managing workplace gym and running your swimming pool.

The number of your staff is not a problem. We have managed and still manages big corporate organizations with more than 500 staff and smaller organizations with 50 -100 staff.

Did I mention the meditation, affirmations and massage? Our live events and presentations will leave your employees energized

And you know what – it’s full circle when you take care of your employees they take care of business – you and your business is happy.

Want to book me for speaking at your live event? Just shoot me an email or contact me .

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Do you love yourself?


How will you know for sure?

Know that hating your body doesn’t motivate you to take care of it, we take care of the things we love.

Start your love affair with your body today.

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Connect with me in my new private facebook group for women. The ladies Lounge with Nkeoma DND Agu.  Come on in and introduce yourself.

‘Remember – Life is motion. When you unleash your spirit, you’ll transform your life, and transform your body’

Nkeoma DND Agu