Can Hip Dips Be Removed?

When you ask most women what they want removed or flattened, they will likely tell you belly fat and arm fat. But there is something else that has been coming up a lot lately; the hip dips.

The hip dips are the inward curves or a dip like indentation just below the hip bones on each side of your body. Most times it extends all the way from just below the hip bone till your upper thigh. It is a big issue for some women.

For some people they are more pronounced and noticeable than others. Hip dips are not peculiar to women. Men also have hip dips. It is just that it is more noticeable in women because they have wider hips.

People come in different shapes and sizes and this is the reason some women have round full curves while others have a little dip or dents between the bottom of the waist and the top of thigh.

Hip dips has other names like

  • Hip dents
  • Violin hips
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The violin is shaped like the hip
  • Inward curving hip

The hip dip is really a beauty issue and has a lot to do with your body type, your fat distribution and genetics.

Causes of the hip dips

Your skeleton


Weight gain and fat distribution – Weight gain and fat distribution differs from one person to the other. Some people have a uniform distribution of fat; their whole body gets bigger in almost equal proportion but for others the fat deposit might more on their thigh, upper arm, the chin and even in the armpits.

Weight loss especially fast weight loss done with pills and dieting can cause hip dip

Best clothing to minimise the appearance of hip dents

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Wearing clothing that is suitable and best suited for hip dips.

  • You may want to avoid form fitting clothing as this will emphasize and draw attention to your hips. Choose loose fitting clothing.
  • Go for high waist trouser and skirts with side pockets.

Hip dips are not painful and most women have it. But, it is also possible to have curvier hips through adding some targeted exercise to your workout routine and doing it at least 3-4 times in a week adjusting your nutrition to maximize your intake of healthier food.

What it requires is for you to perform this exercise consistently for at least 6 weeks. This will not only improve the appearance of your hip to give it a curvier look.  it will also improve your general wellbeing.

For you to have a curvier hip you also have to work on your abs and obliques. Love handles or side belly fat make hip dips to be more noticeable, so as you also work to fill your hip dips it is best that you work on your waist to make it smaller.

Here are 3 exercise to start doing now to minimize the appearance of your hip dip

Can Hip Dips Be Removed?

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