Easy And Healthy Yogurt And Mango Breakfast – 5 Minutes

In a hurry and just want something real quick and filling for breakfast? Try this yogurt and mango recipe tomorrow morning. The creamy and slight sour taste of the yogurt combined with the chewy and sweet taste of Mango will make you fall in love with breakfast again.

You can thank me later.

This breakfast is packed with nourishing, belly and digestion friendly nutrients. Yogurt helps reduce abdominal fat; it contains good bacteria –probiotics, which is good for your digestive tract and immune system.

Yogurt and chopped mango breakfast

Yogurt comes from milk and that means it’s a good source of protein, calcium and vitamin D for your bone and immune system

Mango is good for your complexion and hair, it also contains fiber which prevents constipation and keeps your bowel movement regular. Good news for a flatter belly and body fat loss. Potassium which helps reduce the risk of heart disease is one of the nutrients in mango.

Make your breakfast


½ medium Mango – Cut one medium sized mango in ½ and remove the seed. Peel the back of 1 and cut into small pieces.

Slice, chop or cut your mango into prefered size

Pour your favorite yogurt in a bowl

Pour the chopped Mango into it

Turn and enjoy


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