Give me 2 minutes and I will show you how to train and eat your way from skinny to muscular body.

Are you tired of being skinny?

Are you tired of looking as if you were dropped into your clothes?

Are you ready now to get the body you’ve always dreamed about?

   “To feel strong, to walk amongst human with a tremendous feeling of confidence and superiority is not at all wrong. The sense of superiority in bodily strength is borne out by the long history of mankind paying homage in folklore, song, and poetry to strong men” Fred Hatfield – Powerlifting: A Scientific Approach


Who is a skinny guy?

A skinny guy is someone who finds it painfully hard to gain weight and build muscle. They have a very fast metabolism. Skinny guys also do not eat much. They have small shoulders, flat chest, skinny arms and skinny ankles. They hate wearing shorts with a fierce hatred.

Is this you?

Here we go

For the past 8 years I have had the pleasure of training skinny guys who wanted to put on more weight and pack in some muscles. It is strange, isn’t it? That in a world where we hear about weight loss 24/7, that there are actually a group of people that want to gain weight. And we have recorded a lot of amazing result in getting them from skinny to the body they want.


The successful results came from going beyond the mantra eat more, GOMAD (Gallon of Milk a Day) eat like there is famine; eat like food is going extinct. My skinny guys ate but they ate the right things which we will see later in the post.

One of the major mistake that most skinny guys make is to train, jog and run like someone who wants to lose weight. Ken, one of my clients that have gone from skinny to macho made that mistake and lost 5kg in 2 weeks. That was painful for him. He was losing the precious weight he wanted to keep on.

What did he do wrong?


Well before hitting the gym in the morning, he will go for a 30 minutes jog. Dan on the hand will come to the gym without taking anything. That is coupled without taking dinner the previous night. According to him, he was not hungry. I explained to him patiently that he has to eat enough for him to add weight and build muscle.

I will be giving you 3 practical tips that i used to get them the body of their dreams.



If you are not eating enough healthy calories then you are not eating enough – You will not gain weight or muscle. I didn’t say enough calories, I said enough healthy calorie. When you do not eat healthy calorie you will end up being a skinny guy with fat belly and flabby skin.  You may even end up with a health issue like high cholesterol. There are many people out there that tell you what to eat, some says eat all the food you can, junk inclusive, others like GOMAD recommend a gallon of milk a day. Remember you are what you eat.  If you eat junk food, you will get a junky body.

What do you eat?

  • Potato
  • Yam
  • Beans pinto, black, black eyed as long as it is beans eat it
  • Fish
  • Oats
  • Beans pudding ( moi-moi)
  • Cow pea pudding (okpa)
  • Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Rice
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Oil bean seed
  • Plantain
  • Breadfruit porridge (Ukwa)
  • Nuts
  • Nut butter
  • Fruits and vegetables

Eat within 30 mins of getting up in the morning. Take something every 3 hours. That will mean about 5 meals a day. Write what you have been eating before and record your new food intake  in a food diary. If you were eating 2,000 calories a day, its time to change it. Gradually increase your intake to 3,000 to 4,000 healthy calories per day. Do this every day and you are on your way to the body of your dreams. Do not wait till you are hungry before you eat. Eat even when you do not feel like eating. Train yourself to eat. Just make it healthy.

 “Sell yourself short on nutrition and you’re selling yourself short on maximizing your physique development” Ernie Taylor


A sample day meal plan will look like this

Breakfast Mid – morning lunch evening Dinner
Plantain and egg sauce Apple with nut butter Yam with Ukpaka, fish and vegetable Mixed nuts with Yogurt Rice with chicken or fish  tomato sauce


This is a sample, make your own and adjust till you find what you like, the combination and quantity. Track what you are eating and gradually increase from:

1 egg -2 eggs

½ cup of beans – 1 cup

I okpa (cowpea pudding) – 2

Make your own smoothie. Here is a quick recipe:

¼ pineapples

¼ watermelons

1 small banana

2 scoops of peanut butter (ose – oji)

Put everything in a blender and blend  till you get a smooth consistency. Pour into a glass and drink immediately


Protein powder alone will not give you muscle. Don’t mind powders, supplements and fitness magazines that promise you incredible hulk muscle in 30 days. Feed your body the right nutrient, the right quantity and at the right time and watch what happens. You can get all the protein you need from natural foods. Of course every time you train, try and take something after your workout. If you cannot get home before then get a 1 -2 boiled eggs or yogurt and banana to keep you going till you get home and eat. This is not the time to go from the gym to your business on empty stomach. It is also not the time to eat biscuits and sweets. Eat, eat and eat some more healthy foods.


Make heavy compound weight lifting your new BFF. Find the weight that is comfortable but still challenging and use it. Use it till it gets too easy for you then increase the weight. You can start from 8kg and after 1 week you can move to 9 kg.

Most skinny guys are so fired up with the desire to get big now that they always do everything at once and train to failure. The result is that you break down and stay out of the gym for 2 weeks. In the process you’re eating plan also suffer. You end up losing the muscle you have built and losing weight. Using weights that you are comfortable with will help you prevent injuries and prevent prolonged recovery time. Avoid anything that will keep you away from your weight training.You will find it hard to build and you also lose muscle fast. You have to keep pumping away.


“Quantity and persistence will get you the outcomes you need” James Altucher

Above all do not run, do not jog

These are your go to exercise

  • Squats
  • Bent over rows
  • Kettle bell swings
  • Overhead press
  • Deadlifts
  • Dips
  • Pull-ups
  • Push ups
  • Bench press


Get creative with your workout. Don’t just do push-ups. Do the dive- bomber push up. Don’t just squat, squat with weights.  Use weights, weights and more weights. Invest in dumbbells, medicine balls, kettle bells. Then go to the gym for other heavier and more expensive equipment such as the barbell, multi gym and abs bench press.

What of Cardio?

Personally, I do not recommend cardio for skinny guys because

  1. It makes you burn more calories which you do not want
  2. The “after burn effect”. Your body continues burning fat even after you have stopped your cardio and you definitely do not want that.

What I recommend and what we practice is to warm up and stretch. Then we hit the weights. Towards the end of the workout we take a leisure ride on the bike, stretch again and we are done.

A sample day workout plan

Day 1

Warm up and stretching


Pull ups

Kettle bell swings

Overhead press

3 Minutes bike ride


I do not subject skinny guys to 1 day for shoulder, 2nd  day for chest and 3rd day for legs. My reason is that you do not have the strength for now to spend 1hr training your chests using repetitive movement. Besides, you are not muscular already, you want to be. Your small frame also makes you prone to injury.  I concentrate on what is challenging and at the same time comfortable and it works.

When it comes to reps (Repetitions) what you will concentrate on is doing 5-12 reps, that is what is guaranteed to help you build strength and size.

That means when you do the kettlebell swing do it (repetition) 5- 12 times

Progressive overload will help you get stronger on each exercise. You can do this by adding 1 more kettlebell swing, then 2, 3, 4, 5-20. As you progress keep adding more weights and more reps. Start with 2kg, then move to 5kg, 8kg, 10kg -?kg. Keep going till you get the body you want.

Track your progress too. If you don’t, you will not know what to change or what to do more.

Sample body track

17/5 60 kg 34 cm 36 cm
25/5 63 kg 34 cm 38 cm


Further advice

  • If there is any exercise that causes injury stop it and look for a better alternative
  • If any exercise does not feel ok, tell your trainer, do not keep quiet because you want to build muscle.
  • I cannot say this enough. Stop talking about your chest and shoulder and what you want them to become. Your whole body matters, so work on every part of your body.

·        REST


For you to gain weight and build muscle you need to rest.  Rest in between sets and at home. This might mean that you will stay longer in the gym or that it will take you 60-80 minutes to finish your workout at home. That is ok. Take the time you need. I let my clients rest from 3- 5 minutes in between sets so they will have the strength to continue with their training.

When you train to failure, it affects your workout and may end up sabotaging your training for the day and for the next 3-4 days. It saps your strength and may lead to sitting down to rest, removing your gloves and going home. Training to failure is when you lift till you cannot lift 1 more time even if your life depends on it. That is not necessary. Stop at least 3 swings or lifts before failure.

Putting on weight is not a mission impossible. You can achieve your aim by following my practical steps. In my next post i will be showing you, my 9 best workouts and food for skinny guys to gain weight and muscle.

Of course following my practical steps has some side effect: you will look good on nothing but your birthday suit and you will never be scared of wearing shorts.






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