Why You Should Go To The Gym

The gym is not just for weight loss, muscle building and keeping fit. One of the non exercise related benefits of the gym is interaction and networking with other people which can reduce and even prevent depression. Working out at home is good but when you can go out and interact with other people. The […]

3 Effective Exercises To Minimize The Appearance Of Hip Dips: With Videos

Do you have hip dips? Those inward curves or dip like indentation just below the hip bones on each side of your body that most times extends all the way from just below your hip bone till your upper thigh? If you do, then at the end of this post you’ll know the exercise to […]

Fitness For The Seasonally Challenged With 3 Exercise Videos

Its rainy season in Nigeria, love it or hate it, we all can do with some rainfall. This is the time that people need no motivation to hug their blanket and cuddle. What is funny though, is that for the past 5 months people have been clamoring, crying and praying for rain. We were all […]

Does Being Skinny Mean Healthy?

For many people skinny means healthy and fit and fat means unhealthy and unfit. This post is about understanding what healthy means and not a body positivity post I hear naturally slim people say ‘I don’t need to exercise; I don’t need to eat right. I’m not fat’. And I feel concerned because I have […]

What is The Difference Between A Resolution And A Goal?

The beginning of the year comes with an unprecedented bout of good and sometimes unrealistic decisions to turn into a better person in every area of life – work, relationship, lifestyle and fitness, all made in good faith. However most times these resolutions rarely make it through 4 weeks, while others endure and lead to […]

Simple 1O Minutes Breakfast For Busy Mom’s

Take a break from boring cereals and bread and try this healthy and fat loss friendly breakfast. It takes 5-10 minutes to prepare. But if you prep the vegetables in the night, all you have to do is add them to your frying pan and the total cooking time will come down to 3-5 minutes. […]

Is The Scale Really An Accurate Measurement Of Fat Loss? 3 things you should also be checking

  If one of your goals is fat loss, fitness and wellness, then you must have experienced a love hate relationship with the scale at one time. At most the numbers that the scale comes up with sometimes can be misleading and frustrating. The scale is not a bad thing if you know how to […]

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