Get Rid of Armpit Fat with These 9 Exercises (With Pictures and Video)

Fat in the armpit can cause bulges that makes it a challenge to wear clothes with spaghetti strings, or even a one shoulder dress.

One of the main causes of arm pit fat is excessive fat in the body. Your body stores fat where it wants and how it wants. I have seen people with flat belly but with chunks of fat near the knee, elbow and armpit. That is how and where the body has decided to store it. There is no study yet to find out how our body does this and what influences its decision.

Most women may want those extra fat on their boobs and booty. But your body decides.

Another cause maybe the wrong bra size. Your bra is one of the most important piece of your clothing and if you do not pick the right size it may affect your armpit. Too tight anything gives bulges. Cups that are too small for your boobs will create bulges and when this goes on for years, it may also lead to armpit fat.

Whatever the cause of your armpit fat, there are certain exercises that can help in getting rid of the fat. Bear in mind that there is no spot reduction. You have to do this exercises at least 4 times every week with cardio twice a week.  If you are overweight, you have to cut down on your calories by observing portion control and eating healthy and nutritious meal. When you combine healthy nutrition with the following exercise, the armpit fat will disappear. Remember to be patient with your body and be consistent with the exercise.


# 1 Lying chest flye

This move will not just chisel your arms it will also lift your chest

How to do it


  • Lie on a flat bench with feet placed firmly on the floor
  • Hold dumbbells with palm facing forward
  • Press the dumbbells shoulder width apart
  • Inhale and lower dumbbells with a wide arc until they are the same level with your shoulder and chest
  • Exhale and return dumbbell towards the ceiling with a wide arc


# 2 Full circle

How to do it


  • Stand with feet hip width apart with knees slightly bent.
  • Your shoulders back and chest pointed towards the sky.
  • Hold a dumbbell in each arm. Keep your arms by your side
  • Bring both hands to your chest
  • In one slow and smooth movement, take both hands up over your head
  • Bring them out to your side, take them down and bring both of them up back to your chest. That is one rep

Do 10 reps and then do the reverse for another 10 reps. Do as many sets as you can.


# 3 Jumping Jacks

How to do it

  1. Stand with your feet together with your hands down by your side.
  2. In one motion jump your feet out to the side and raise your arms above your head.
  3. Immediately reverse that motion by jumping back to the starting position.




# 4 Back clap with dumbbells

How to do it


  • Lay belly down on a mat
  • Raise both feet up slightly from the mat
  • Raise your chest and bring your arms, with palms facing each other straight over your head
  • Inhale and slowly bring both arms to your sides then behind you and clap
  • Take them back to the starting position
  • That is one rep. Do 15 reps

Go for as many sets as you can


# 5 One arm kettle bell swing

The kettle bell swing tones your arms, core and buttocks


How to do it

  • Place a kettle bell between your feet.
  • Push back with your hips and bend your knees.
  • Keep a flat back and look straight ahead.
  • Swing the kettle bell between your legs forcefully.
  • Driving through with your hips take the kettle bell straight out to shoulder or eye level.
  • Let the kettle bell swing back between your legs and switch arms immediately
  • That is one rep

Do 2 sets 12 sets each


# 6 Chair dips


How to do it


  • Stand facing away in front of a chair seat
  • Sit on the edge of the chair with your hands behind your hips shoulder width apart
  • Lift your buttocks of the chair and walk your feet forward
  • Keep your chest and head up and slowly lower your butts down
  • Your knee should not go past your toes
  • Your elbows should be bent to 90 degrees
  • Gently extend your arm and raise your body
  • Your weight should always be supported by your arms
  • Make sure your chair is in a stable position


# 7 Arm circles


How to do it

  • Stand with feet hip width apart, Shoulders back and chest pointed towards the sky
  • Raise both arms out to your sides to shoulder level
  • Inhale and make circles with your arm. You may go with backwards first
  • Start with small circles and progress to bigger circles.
  • Do 20 reps of backward arm circle then 20 of forward arm circle

Do as many sets as possible. You can also use a dumbbell to make it more effective in blasting those arm pit fats


# 8 Overhead reach


How to do it

  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart
  • Your arms should be by your sides, with or without dumbbells
  • Inhale and in one slow and smooth movement, lift your arms to shoulder level and over your head
  • Exhale and bring them back to starting position.
  • Do 10 – 12 reps

Do 3 sets


# 9 Arm Scissors

How to do it

  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart
  • Hold dumbbells with your palms facing forward
  • Inhale and raise your arms to shoulder level
  • Bring your arms towards each other so they cross at the elbow
  • Take them out again to shoulder level and bring them down to your side
  • That is one rep. Do 15 reps

Do as many sets as you can.

Get Rid of Armpit Fat with These 9 Exercises (With Pictures and Video)

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