You Do Have Time For Yourself! Take the Bellisima 4 Day Time And Activity Check and Find Time

“I am too busy to do anything for myself, not to talk of working out” I have to get the kids ready for school. I am on call practically every day. I am in the office by 8, close  from work by 4 and get back home by 5. Where in the world can I squeeze out time to work out? Well, the fact that you may have been talking with me about your difficulty for the past 20 minutes shows you have time.

The truth is that you can make out time. If you have ever sat down for 2 hrs. to watch TV or your favorite season film or spent 1 hr. on meaningless conversation, then you can make out time to work out.

When most women look at the task they have to accomplish in a day they may think they are limited from working out by time, but the problem is not that there is not enough time, the problem really is time management.

How many times have you planned to just check your mails and spent 3hrs on internet patrol? 3hrs! And then spend the rest of the day blaming yourself for wasting your time and then doing it again and again?

If you are thinking right now that you do not understand how time seem to be flying away from you, I want you to know that I do understand how you feel. But before I give you a free pass, I want you to try this time and activity check below for 4 days and then leave a comment if you do not see things differently. Leave a comment too, if you see things differently.


  • First you have to really know what you are doing with your time. Tomorrow is Thursday. That’s a great day to start checking up on how you use your time. Get a book and pen and as soon as you wake up in the morning, start writing down what you do and what time, when you started what and when you finished.write-goals

Do it for 4 days. On the 5th day, sit down and go through your activity. Check for the times you were not doing anything productive. Add them up for the 4 days. Did you notice the time you spent doing nothing?

But, (you have to speak up for yourself, because no one else will) “I am in the office 7.30 – 4 p.m and by the time I get home I am too tired to do anything” I appreciate your attempt to explain your concern but what of waking up 30 minutes earlier? How many times have you finished your work for the day and decided to have a chat with a colleague or postponing the work you should do till the last moment? This is your health we are talking about.

You know you need to exercise and you know you can make out time so what is keeping you back?  Do you need a health scare? I have discovered from working and coaching different clients over the years that there is nothing like a health scare to get them all fired up about everything movement related

See? You have some time that you cannot even remember what you used it for. You may not have use it properly. Now that you have discovered that you actually have time to make use of, let us look at 7 of the fun things you can do, that will give you a good workout, without much thought.


  • Go to the gym: I appreciate all this rave about working out on your own. I regularly train people that have tried it, some even went as far as getting some necessary equipment to help them. The first few weeks was Ok but eventually the equipment’s gathered dust and they lost the motivation to work out alone. Julie told me she was “bored motivation less” Working out in a gym gets you motivated and challenged. You hear and witness other peoples success story and you think “if Nnenna can do it, so will I”


You can do all those other 10 and 20 minutes workout when you cannot go to the gym but as soon as you can, get back in there. What’s more you have a trainer and a coach in the gym to guide you and hold you accountable and all the equipment’s you need in one place. Who is holding you accountable when you work out alone? You start when you want, do as many rep as you want, sometimes with poor form and stop when you want. If you can afford it, get a gym registration and save your workout at home for when you cannot make it to the gym.


  • Put the music on and go on house cleaning spree :To make it more effective, stop the cleaning and spin and twist for some seconds and go back to what you were doing. Make sure that you are playing the music that you love. That is the only guarantee that it will get you moving.


  • Take the stairs at home or at work when it is necessary, at other times, take it because it’s there.



To make it more effective, take 2 steps at a time


  • Take a walk after your lunch, at home or in the office: Take the farthest route back to your office. Ask a friend to walk with you
  • Play with your kids: Keeping up with their young, happy and adventurous energy is a sure way to burn calories.


Play football games with them. Try 2, 3 or 4 aside. It is fun

  • Dance: Push play on your favorite play list and dance away. Dancing gives you a full body workout.
  • Try dancing with someone: The laughter and joy that you share when someone makes a wrong move gives you more than a workout.
  • Get up and get what you want: Is it just my observation or do parents get lazier at getting things for themselves as the kids get older? Whenever I visit friends, I always here James get this for me and Martha get that for me. I am not saying kids should not run errands for parents. But when was the last time you got up to get what is in the fridge or even get the remote when the kids are within call range.

Get up more. Don’t send someone to do everything for you. I am not talking about                   learning to delegate here. Surely you will not call asking your kids to get a remote                   that is 4 steps in front of you delegating? Find a reason to get your butt out of the                   chair as often as possible.

  • Do something a bit active while watching TV.

While watching TV or working in the office, simply raise your right leg in front of you and hold for 10 – 20 seconds. Bring it down and raise your left leg. That is one rep. Do as many as you want.

You can also use the mini stepper while watching TV

  • Play fire on the mountain: I played this game as a child and I am still playing it with my kids. It looks very innocent but when the fire goes out behind you, you will sprint like Raptor Blue was behind you.

Making out time for your fitness should be one of you priority. You have seen from step 1 that you have the time. The main thing now is to use it wisely.


You Do Have Time For Yourself! Take the Bellisima 4 Day Time And Activity Check and Find Time

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