What’s Your Butt Shape? Take A Look At The 4 Shapes and find your own.

Just as we have different body types, we also have different butt shapes. If you really take time and look around you will find that there are different shapes of butt out there. You will even be pleasantly surprised when you identify your butt shape.

Butts come in different shapes

Knowing your butt shape can actually help you decide if your butt shape is what you want and if you need to tweak it a bit with exercise to get what you want.

Take a look at the different butt shapes for women

There are basically 4 types of female butts, although sometimes you’ll see a combination but here are the main 4

  • Inverted butt– V shape
  • Square butt – H shape
  • Round or bubble butt – C or O shape
  • Heart/pear butt – A shape



Why does butt shape differ?

Your pelvis and the way fat is distributed on your buttocks determine the shape of your butt. Genetics also play a big role here.

The shape of your pelvis determines the shape of your butt


What does this shapes look like?

Take a look at the the base, top and sides of each butt, and the fat distribution, that is what determines the shape.

Inverted butt – V shape

inv w
‘V’ shape butt

The butt looks fuller at the top, than at the base.


Square butt – H shape

Square or ‘H’ butt

The butt looks like a straight line from below your waist to the base of your butt. Again the size of your pelvis can play a role here especially wider pelvis.

Round or bubble butt– C or O shape

images (9)
Round, ‘O’ or bubble butt

This butt shape has a round appearance. The top and cheeks of the butt has a full and round appearance. If the butt is made up of lean muscle then it’s perky but if the muscle is underdeveloped then it will look softer with a lot of cellulite and may shake when you walk.


Heart/pear shaped butt – A shape

Heart shape or ‘A’ shape butt

The fat distribution is concentrated at the base of the butt and goes up to a narrower waist. This gives it an appearance of a heart (turned upside down) or A.

There  is another butt which i call the ‘down below’ butt or droopy butt. Some people name it butt number 5, but i think it’s a combination of  any of the 4 shapes with a peculiar base appearance. The base of the butt is saggy and seems to be dropping down to the thighs.

Droopy butt

That is an example of a butt combination. It may be heart, or bubble butt but instead of the lifted and perky look it droops.

So, now you know the 4 butt shapes. Can you pick your butt shape from the 4?

I’m sure you know your butt shape now.

Don’t still know? Strip down to your underwear and have someone take a picture of your butt. Come back to the post and find your butt.

Is your butt shape, what you want or do you want it reshaped to a particular butt shape? It can be done.

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What’s Your Butt Shape? Take A Look At The 4 Shapes and find your own.

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