Why I’m wary of subscriptions that promise me updates and I’m on unsubscribe mode

So, I visited your site and read something interesting. I also look around and see other amazing and well researched articles and I decide that I want to read more of those amazing articles.

And I give you my address to come visit by subscribing so I can get those lovely articles without running to your site to check if there’s something new.

And I’m in trouble.

You not only invade my box with reckless abandon you practically stalk me online.

Sometimes I get 4 mails from you in a day, desperately asking me to “buy, buy now, you have 8 hrs, absolutely last call”

Desperation marketing: “Buy, buy now, you have 8 hrs, absolutely last call”.

And, if I ignore your pleas and don’t buy; the next day, you tell me, it’s not really the end; that there are thousands that didn’t buy and because you don’t want them to miss out, you’re extending your amazing offer for “me” so I can still jump in.

And I’m bombarded with automated messages that are supposed to make me have extreme FOMO for the next 48 hours.

FOMO? Not happening.

When this fails, you bombard me every 2 weeks with make 6,000 in 0 days, its webinar, its podcast; it’s marketing, marketing, and marketing.

I understand that you’re doing business and want to make money but it’s beginning to look like desperation marketing to me.

In Nigeria we associate people like that as fraud or 419. You may not be, but you’re desperation is beginning to make me suspicious.

The expression familiarity breed contempt is real.

Right now there are only a group of people I read or watch and miss when I don’t see them for a week.

The reason? They give me space.

They visit once or sometimes 3 times in a week, so when they knock, I open the door and let them in. I’m glad to see them.

Do they market to me? Yes, but they do it without desperation.

Do I buy from them? Sometimes.

Yet, for others, i just love what they’re doing and love and give them support, because we all need cheerleaders to hold us accountable and support us.

I’ve always wondered at the quiet desperation of getting me to buy something twice every week when you’re obviously so swimming in dough.

Most times I don’t read those newsletter, I just delete or leave it till I’m ready to delete.

Have you even bothered to find out from me what I want or you look me up and decide what you think I want?

It’s stressful for me and I don’t need you visiting me 3 times in a day. Visiting me 1 – 3 times a week is okay but every day and asking me for one thing or the other is not acceptable.

real crowded
email overload

Please back off.

The Bible already knew this was going to be a real problem and cautioned “And when you find a friend, don’t outwear your welcome; show up at all hours and he’ll soon get fed up”. Proverbs 27:17 – The Message Bible (MSG)

In my culture of wellness, I guard every aspect of my wellness and my inbox is part of it.

Give me space. My inbox is part of my space.

I would love to hear from you. Is your inbox a nightmare of messages and marketing that is threatening your peace? Let me know. Leave your comments below.


Why I’m wary of subscriptions that promise me updates and I’m on unsubscribe mode

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  1. This is nice. I like the fact that u practise what u just preached, and I like u for that. Just simple truth…. Others who don’t comply should beware!

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