Get Fit, Lose Weight And Live Well Anywhere In Nigeria With Online Coaching.

Are you in Nigeria and your very busy life does not allow you to go to the gym and your worried your lifestyle is affecting your health and relationship?

Do you want exercise and nutrition guidance you can do at your own pace with guidance and accountability from a certified coach?

Are you tired of random Google search of wellness topics and YouTube videos that has not really helped you?

Are you gaining body fat on a daily basis no matter what you do?

Are you tired of buying useless gadgets, starving yourself and eating food that leave you miserable with a broken spirit in the name of dieting?

Do you look at pictures on Instagram and wonder if what you’re seeing is real?

Do you look at your old pictures and favorite clothes with regret, that you can never look that way again or wear those lovely clothes?

Well, all that is about to end because you can now get fit, lose that stubborn body fat and achieve your own wellness goal in your home with Bellisima fitness online coaching plans

You can now have your own virtual coach at your fingertips on your phone, tablet or desktop.

Welcome to Online Wellness for Nigeria with our local food and things local to us.

You’ll stop buying food and supplements with exotic names that cost you your monthly income with nothing to show for it.

Learn simple tips and tricks that my clients use to build the body and life they love

Discover the stacking technique method and how to use the culture of wellness to achieve amazing body and life transformation

Simple and easy solution that fits into your life, not take over your life .

Cut through the noise and marketing tricks and make sense of what really works. You’ll finally understand the real role of Apple Cider Vinegar, Green tea etc. and if you should really be taking them

Our food just like every other food around the world is not fattening. What is fattening is just how you eat; what you use in preparing it and the quantity: Learn this and your already 1 step ahead in your wellness goal.

Get nutrition guidance with foods you can lay hands on not exotic and expensive foods. Stop dieting and eat in a way that agrees with your life goals even if you’re a foodie.

And exercise?  – All you need is 20 minutes exercise 5 times a week with my instructional exercise videos customized with your preference and history, not random videos that has no idea of the challenges you may have.

Some of my clients transformation.



Hi, I’m Nkeoma DND Agu, A Nigerian Wellness, Nutrition and Life Coach and the founder and owner of Bellisima fitness. I transformed my body, beat the ‘mummy tummy pooch’ and sustained my weight after 3 kids by building a wellness culture: Eating food i love, doing targeted exercise and creating balance in every aspect of my life. You can do the same thing. Let me show you how to get fit and crush at life without stress and frustration, even if you’re a very busy woman.


I’ve been a coach For the past 10 years I run a gym, train corporate bodies, give seminars and have written 4 highly successful and result oriented online wellness course and program, with more than 100 articles on my website on different topics that you can use freely.

Our program is not only about getting you skinny, it’s working with you to achieve the best weight for you. It’s also about those amazing triumphs like your ring finally coming out of your finger, being able to scrub your back, being more energetic in your life and relationship, finally starting your business and being happy.

Choose your plan

Weight loss and Body Transformation 

Pregnancy and Postpartum body and Tummy Training

Women Wellness Academy

Ultimate Curves Guide


Our plans are for people who are tired of the noise with zero result and now want to make serious and sustainable change in their body and life.

Choose your plan  above and lets get started.

You can pay securely on our site. All your payment on our site is secured by paystack.

Have questions? Need help? I’m happy to help.

Email me –

or call me on 08053398983


Get Fit, Lose Weight And Live Well Anywhere In Nigeria With Online Coaching.

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