The Relationship Between Breast Size And Shoulder, Neck And Upper Back Pain.

Women with large breasts usually have a number of complaints such as shoulder pain, upper back pain, chest pain and bad posture.

Although, a study has shown that there’s no relationship between large breast and shoulder pain, another study by researchers in Turkey shows that large breasts alter the curve of the spine and could be a cause of pain

The research also found that women with  breasts cup size D tended to have more curves of the spine that small breasted women.

No matter what the two studies suggest the problem persist for large breasted women.

Some of the reasons women have this issue:

Bad posture: Big breast can shift your center of gravity and make you lean slightly forward. Some women in their desire to hide their breast lean forward to hide their breast. This causes a constant strain on the chest and may cause chest pain.

Poor bra support:  The issue of buying undersized bra or over sized bra is real. Make sure to buy bra size that will not only fit you, but give your breast the support it needs.

Injury or overexertion of the muscles or bones in the back can also cause pain. You should check to know when the pain started,  because it may not be your breast, if it was after and exertion or injury.

A weakening of the spine through osteoporosis : As women age, most suffer bone mass loss. This can cause pain and for females with large breast this is more as their bones will no longer be able to give them the right support.

What you can do to help yourself

Try as much as you can to get in some exercise especially strength training and proper nutrition.  This will not only strengthen your bones, it will make your back and shoulders stronger, so they can give your breast the support they need.

If you are relatively slimmer and you have large breasts, get correct bra size to give you support and read our post on posture  mistakes by women and how to correct them so that you’ll stop putting more burden  on your chest and shoulder and neck by the way you sit , stand and walk.

In Nigeria where there’s hot weather all the year round, sweat rashes under the breast can be a problem. Anytime you sweat, change your bra, and take your bath. If taking your bath is not an option because of where you are, then always go out with another bra tucked inside your bag.

Carry a change of bra so that when you sweat, you can remove it and use a soft cloth like handkerchief and water to clean and dry under your breast, then put on a dry bra.

For those painful shoulder grooves that cut into your skin, focus on the back and not the straps. Buy a bra that has at least 3 hooks at the back. Make sure that after hooking it up that you can get 2 fingers in freely.

If you can stretch it freely after hooking it up, then it may not give you the support you need.

In my next post we will talk about the right bra size and support for your breast, large and small.

Are you having trouble getting the right bra size?LEAVE YOUR COMMENT BELOW.

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The Relationship Between Breast Size And Shoulder, Neck And Upper Back Pain.

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