REWIRE! – The Blueprint of Weight Loss Program For Moms

REWIRE is an online weight loss program that teaches you how to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF FOR GOOD

You learn at your own pace. Everything you will ever need for weight loss is in REWIRE

Coach Nkeoma DND Agu

🟡You will learn how to finally lose weight and KEEP IT OFF

🟡How to eat Nigerian or your local food whether you’re in Ghana, Dubai, US, Singapore, India, Kano, Ibadan, Lagos for sustainable weight loss.

🟡Smoothie recipes, food recipes and snack recipes

🟡How to eat at events, birthdays without adding pim💃….there’s a method to this weight loss thing.

🟡 3 Simple and fun movement videos…(exercise is just movement🙂)… movement you love, that you can do anywhere

🟡How to eat your local food for weightloss without dieting and counting calories

🟡 Start eating and moving the way you love and even experiment with the ones you don’t like for serious body Transformation.

🟡The psychology REWIRE you need for weight loss….this will shock you

🟡How your activity and routine affects your weightloss and how to reverse it

🟡How to get a flatter Tummy..Yay

🟡How to maintain your weightloss no matter where you are and lots more

🟡Build your own system and habits for weight loss and lots more


Downloadable worksheet, food planner, activity tracker and lots more.
2 group Q& A, coaching session with me. Exercise ideas and demonstration
All your questions answered.

This program is going for N20,000….for now, next time it opens in July it will go for N50,000

The first 5 persons to register gets a free personal wellness consultation with me valued at N40,000

Join REWIRE except if you want to keep running round in endless weight loss cycle that leaves you frustrated.

You can build the body and life you want with the right tools.

Hi, I’m Nkeoma DND Agu, A Women Wellness Consultant and Post Partum Recovery Specialist. For over over 10 years I’ve helped hundreds of discerning women like you to use the right system, structure and habit that works with their environment, preference and life experience to change their life.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve tried this before or how many times you failed at weight loss, this is the last weight loss program you will need.

Because, I will teach you to become your own weight loss coach

Join the REWIRE

Because, What I want to show you in this REWIRE is all the missing links in your weight loss journey.

This is not a diet, detox, supplement. You will learn what the weight loss industry doesn’t want you to know.

Now, this isn’t for everybody. This is only for people who are seriously motivated to change their life and body in a sustainable way.

Let me show you what really works

Again, It doesn’t matter how busy you are and how many times you’ve tried this before, I will show you what you’re missing and how to use that information to your own advantage.

At the end of this program you will become you’re own coach and even if you ever decide to go for any program again, you will go into it empowered.

Register for REWIRE now

REWIRE! – The Blueprint of Weight Loss Program For Moms

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