7 Days Pelvic Floor Challenge

Urine leaks, painful intimacy, prolapse are some of the pelvic floor challenges moms experience after child birth.. Recovering from pregnancy and childbirth is hard.

As mothers we spend 9 months growing another human inside us who just push things around to make themselves comfortable.

And the we bring them into the world and its the best thing ever.

But, there’s one problem….our bodies don’t automatically snap or bounce back back like a trampoline to their pre – pregnancy condition.

Some moms experience pelvic floor challenges. A lot of moms notice immediately after childbirth that something is wrong down there after childbirth while some notice it a couple of months after childbirth.

You may start peeing when you laugh, cough, sneeze or jump, you start doing ‘just in case peeing’ and dreading intimacy.

You don’t have to go through the rest of your life like this….using diapers and peeing your pants. If you don’t take care of it now what happens when you’re older?

That’s why I’m running the Bellissimafit 7 Days Pelvic Floor Challenge and I’m inviting you to join so you can live freely and laugh confidence again.

This is the first Pelvic Floor Challenge in Nigeria and I’m excited to be coaching women from all over the world to pelvic floor recovery

Registration for the challenge is N3,000 / $8

Slots are filling up fast, so register now while the space is still available.

Register here now

You can also reach me quickly via whatsapp – 08053398983

Or contact me

7 Days Pelvic Floor Challenge

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