3 Days Free – Fit For Pregnancy Challenge

Prepare your body and mind and learn effective conception, Pregnancy and labor strategies to cope with this very important phase.

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A lot of women do not know what to do or expect during the time before conception, during pregnancy and labor.

Their routine check ups and antenatal hospital visits was limited to just routine tests and antenatal drugs.

But, that’s about to change

In this 3 days free challenge, you will be learning:

Day 1
🔹How to prepare for Pregnancy
🔹Pregnancy planning
🔹and Pregnancy nutrition.

Day 2
🔹How to lower the risk of birth defects and health complications
🔹How to build a fertile and Pregnancy friendly environment

Day 3
🔹 Intimacy for pregnancy
🔹 Intimacy during pregnancy
🔹Challenges and positions

It is 100% free.

Registration closes on Thursday and a gift awaits you when you join the challenge

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Join here https://mailchi.mp/6f8496bdc57f/opt-in-page

3 Days Free – Fit For Pregnancy Challenge

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