“Pinklicious” Beetroot smoothie

Beetroot is a superfood. It has a lot of health benefits. It can lower blood pressure and give you stamina.

The weather is unbelievably hot and it is tempting to just grab the nearest cold calorie laden drink to quench your thirst and cool your body.

It is even more tempting now with the dashing around and shopping that comes with the holiday.

I have prepared this special recipe for you to enjoy. It is pink, tasty, nutritious and packed with good health and antioxidants.

Meet the ingredients.



A study carried out in the UK in 2010 in the Queen Mary University of London discovered that the nitrate found in beetroot can lower blood pressure and also prevent heart disease.

Beetroot boosts energy during exercise, endurance training and everywhere else you need stamina. And that’s not all. The high fiber contents makes it a powerful aid for digestion and the prevention of constipation.

Beetroot also contains anthocyanin which can help the body to recover from stress that comes from exercise. According to the British Dietetic association, it is the anthocyanin that gives it the rich red color.


When buying yogurt look for “live and active culture”. This means that it contains probiotics. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that live in your intestine and help maintain digestive health. Yogurt contains protein, calcium and is a very healthy post workout drink. It also contains Vitamin B12 which helps to maintain your red blood cells.

Yogurt should always maintain a cold chain and should not be left out in the sun.

Sunflower seeds


Helps in maintaining heart health and lowers cholesterol



Flaxseed is a good source of fiber, protein and essential fatty seeds. It lowers the risk of heart disease, cancer and it can stop prostate cancer from growing


Prep time: 2 Minutes

Yields: 2


Beetroot smoothie

I Medium beetroot cut into pieces

1 Glass of yogurt (I use farm fresh vanilla yogurt)

1Tbsp Flaxseeds

1Tbsp Sunflower seeds

Ice cubes


Place all the ingredients in a blender.

Add a little coconut milk or milk and blend for about 10 – 30 seconds.

Pour in a glass and enjoy immediately.

If you are going out, you can pour it into a flax and drink when you want.

You can also use it as a post workout recovery drink

“Pinklicious” Beetroot smoothie

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