Dried Hibiscus Flower Tea ( “Zobo”, “Roselle”): Recipe For Hot And Cold Weather

Hibiscus flower tea known as Zobo in Nigeria is enjoyed all over the world and comes with a lot of health benefits.

You can buy it in the market or just take it from your garden.  It contains Vitamin A, Iron and Calcium. It does not contain caffeine.

Hibiscus flowers contain organic acids – malic, tartaric, and citric acid. They boost your immune system, help in relieving digestive issue and improve your skin. They can also be found in grapes.

A study published in 2010 by the Journal of Nutrition found that hibiscus tea lowered blood pressure in people at risk of high blood pressure and those with mildly high blood pressure.

Another study in 2000 found that it could be used to treat tumors

Even though hibiscus flower is generally safe it should not be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding

Hibiscus tea should be taken as fresh as possible as supplements, capsules and packaged tea bags may contain other ingredients that have nothing to do with hibiscus flower.

Hibiscus flower tea can be consumed hot or cold. It depends on your preference and of course the weather.

You can also drink it as an alternative to sugared and flavored drinks


Meet the ingredients


  • 5 dried hibiscus flowers
  • Boiling water
  • Honey or sugar (optional)


How to prepare Hibiscus flower tea (hot tea for cold weather)

  1. If you want to make a large quantity use a teapot if you are just making for yourself( which I am) then use a tea cup or glass
  2. Boil your water
  3. As the water is boiling wash your hibiscus flower in cold water( This is necessary , you don’t know where it’s been and who touched it)
  4. Put the washed flower into a cup
  5. Pour hot water on it, cover and leave for 3 – 5 minutes. (Steeping for a longer time gives a stronger flavor and deeper red color while steeping for a shorter time gives a weaker flavor and a lighter red color).
  6. After 5 minutes the water should be a beautiful red color and the taste a bit tart
  7. To remove the leaves, you can strain the tea or you can use a spoon to remove the flower or simply leave it and enjoy your tea

Suggested sweetener

I drink mine without sweetening. I just add a spoon of ACV. But you can sweeten it with freshly juiced pineapple or you can cut the pineapple into wedges and add it to the flower before adding boiling water.

In Nigeria most people use a flavored sweetener to taste.

Although they make the tea sweeter, they are not very healthy

How to prepare Hibiscus Flower tea (Cold tea for hot weather)

  1. Fill a jug with water and add the flowers, you can also cut pineapple and grated ginger
  2. Keep in the refrigerator overnight
  3. Strain the leaves in the morning
  4. Sweeten to taste and enjoy throughout the day


Make as a hot tea. Allow it to cool then add ice cubes and enjoy.

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Do you have your own recipe for hibiscus flower tea or other benefits that you know of? Please do share with us below.

Dried Hibiscus Flower Tea ( “Zobo”, “Roselle”): Recipe For Hot And Cold Weather

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