FAQ On The Bellisima Fitness Ultimate Curves And Physique Guide:

What is the Bellisima Fitness Ultimate Curves And Physique Guide 

The BUCP is a 12 weeks definitive coaching course exclusively for skinny girls to gain curves, healthy weight and muscle while getting stronger and healthier.

What will UCP do for me?

  • You will build curves and a body you’ll be proud of,
  • You’ll have a more toned body not a skinny fat body,
  • You will correct your posture that contributes to slouched shoulder and belly pooch, and take steps to resolve your digestive issues.
  • You will improve your relationships.

In this plan you will learn how to eat, how to understand your body cues, how to really manipulate your appetite so you can actually eat and achieve your goal.

Who is the Ultimate curves plan for?

The ultimate curves plan is designed for women who want to build spectacular curves even if they’re naturally skinny girls, it also works for ladies who are not slim but need curves, ladies who needs to reshape their curves. It’s not only about gaining curves; it’s about gaining curves that are well shaped and beautiful.

If your butts are down below, we’ll give it a lift, if its spreading everywhere, we’ll set boundaries and if yours are nonexistent, you’ll create one you’ll be proud of with your plan.

The Ultimate curves plan is for women 18 years and older

How much does it cost?

The ultimate curves plan costs N45,000.

How long does Ultimate curves plan last?

Ultimate curves plan is a 3 month program

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, you can also pay monthly.

How do you accept payment?

Go over to the registration page and choose the payment option that works for you. Ultimate curves Registration 

Or  Pay N20,000 (NGN) – $55 when you choose to  pay monthly directly into my account

Agu, Nkeoma .C.


Diamond Bank


Do I have to have a Facebook account for this plan?

This is not a group coaching.  I want you to get the attention and result you deserve. A Facebook account is optional. My communication with you will happen through email where you’ll get ongoing support and communication. You’ll have access to me 6 days in a week.

How often do I get to talk to you?

I’m available six days per week via email.

Will I have phone calls with you?

This program does not include phone coaching sessions

How are the workouts delivered?

I will send your training programs to you via email.

Do I have to commit to the entire length of the program?

Yes. The program follows a progressive model, with each lesson and skill building on the previous one. If you leave part way through the program, it is impossible to build on the next step.

Who will be working with me?

I will be working with you

How do I know if Ultimate curves plan is right for me?

This entirely online program is for any naturally skinny woman who wants to gain healthy weight, curves and muscle and any woman who wants to build curves in a healthy way devoid of gimmick and become healthier and stronger inside and out. I’ll work with you to design a training program that fits your ability level, your personal goals, and your schedule. Do you have three days a week to devote to exercise or five days? Whatever your schedule, I’ll design programs that help you achieve the best possible results. The women who enroll in this program range from busy stay-at-home moms, to college students, to office professionals. It doesn’t matter your fitness level or if you’ve done this before maybe with a trainer that doesn’t understand your body type, your plan will take into consideration your fitness level, preference, ability level and available equipment.

As you grow you’ll notice an improvement in your relationship (Oh Yes!) as you become more confident in your body

What do I get?

Included in your monthly program are:

 Fitness Training

You’ll get a tailor-made fitness program that will help you reach your goal of building spectacular curves, gaining healthy weight and muscle. Your fitness plan will be designed to suit your preferences, health history, available equipments, and schedule so that you’ll keep making progress, while avoiding overtraining and injuries. Your plan will be updated based on your feedback and progress.

  • You’ll get 2 instructional exercise videos each week. Some of the exercise combinations are new and will help you achieve your goals faster and in a safer way. This will be accompanied by a PDF with a detailed instructions, techniques and modifications to ensure that you know exactly how to perform every exercise perfectly for the best results.
  • Each weekly exercise focuses on compound training for your body and builds on the last training.
  • Weekly fitness articles that is relevant to you.
  • I will review your videos and give you simple form and technique corrections and cues to ensure that you’re performing exercises safely and effectively
  • Direct access to me six days a week to answer any questions you might have about anything.

Habit- and Skills-Based Nutrition Guidance

Learning how to eat to be healthy is not only knowing which foods to choose neither is it about counting calories (which you won’t be doing). It’s about having the knowledge and confidence to eat in a way that’s best for you and your body. Your program Includes:

Simple to make and delicious recipes, understanding your body cues and how to work around it, how to give your body what it needs and in a more acceptable form instead of fighting it, how to determine your personal nutrition success strategy, the right nutrient combination for your body type, dietary substitutions and modifications.

  • Weekly nutrition habit and skills practice using the success on success strategy.
  • Help in determining which changes you can realistically make
  • Nutrition habits and recommendations specific to you that considers your eating history, tendencies and preferences
  • Weekly review of your workout and nutrition log (which is optional, not required) to help in reviewing your plans so you keep making progress.

 Mindset Coaching

You’ll take actionable steps toward, confidence, self compassion, self-acceptance and self-love while working towards transforming your body.

You’ll get

  • Articles on relevant topics to read that will inspire you to take action.

How often will I be expected to work out? What will my training schedule look like?

I recommend three to four training sessions per week that includes resistance training, short- moderate-intensity cardio sessions along with stretches, affirmations and visualizations with the option to do less. You’ll get customized fitness program that will help you reach your curvy and strong goal. They are safe and will prevent overtraining. I will work with you to design a program that fits your preference, schedule ability level, available equipment and schedule.

I don’t belong to a gym. Can I do this program if I exercise at home?

Absolutely! I will take your equipment availability into account when designing your customized training program (as well as your schedule, training history and ability level). However, the more equipment you have access to, the more variety and fun you’ll have in your program. A resistance band and 4kg dumbbells will do nicely. You can do this program in the gym or at home and get beautiful result.

I’ve never worked out before? Is Bellisima Ultimate Curves Plan for me?

Women who enroll in this program represent a wide range of ability levels and come from all walks of life. Some of them have never worked out before, some of them have never done online coaching before, some of them have been working out in a way that is not in line with their body type and goal and now want to do the right thing.

This plan is for skinny girls but also for any woman who wants to build spectacular curves or who wants to rebuilds and reshape your curve and become stronger, fitter and healthier.

 I want to join, but I’m not sure if this is the right time?

There is never ‘a right time’ There may never be a time when everything is exactly the way you want it. You are the one that will create the right time or you may end up just putting it off. Signing up for the Bellisima Fitness Ultimate Curves coaching is a big commitment, but you have to ‘choose now’ as the ‘right time’ to do something you want for yourself.

The nagging feeling of dissatisfaction, lack of confidence and gentle prompt by your inner voice to do this is a just gentle indicator that now is the time to take action for something you want.

Is this a Diet? Will I get a Diet plan?

One size does not fit all neither does one meal plan fit all. No, I won’t tell you what to eat and No, this is not a diet. No one knows your taste, your likes and dislikes like you. What you’ll get are delicious meal suggestions and you can tweak the recipes and ingredients the way you like (I want you to eat and enjoy what you eat) to suit your taste and availability in your location.

I’ll teach you habits and skills that will give you the knowledge, understanding and confidence to make the right food decision because once you know what to eat, how to eat and the portion that does it for you, you’re on your way to a life time of consciously eating in a way that’s best for you and your body.

You’ll get suggestions regarding healthy recipes, understanding your body cues and how to work around it, how to give your body what it needs and in a more acceptable form instead of fighting it, how to determine your personal nutrition success strategy, how to actually enjoy what you eat, the right nutrient combination for your body type, dietary substitutions and modifications, all customized to suit your lifestyle, personal preferences, and eating history without you ever feeling deprived.


What happens after I sign up?

When you subscribe you receive my welcome package and an introductory email and follow-up within 24 hours.

What if I don’t have a lot of time for exercise each week?

Unless you just want to gain healthy weight but if you want to reshape your body, get stronger, fitter and confident – exercise is part of it – it’s not negotiable. That is the only thing that will give you the physique you want.

How is UCP different from other online programs?

I believe that Bellisima Ultimate Curves Plan is the best online coaching program for skinny girls! My approach is unique. This coaching plan is not from an endomorph or Mesomorph – people who are already naturally curvy showing you what to do to get curvy. Your coaching is from a naturally skinny girl who has successfully transformed her body. I understand it’s not just the workout; it’s the bloating, digestive issues, weakness, lack of appetite and of course; curves

I help you attain your goals while at the same time helping you get stronger, fitter and more in love with yourself. I will teach you how to move beyond tying your self-image to your body. You’ll get simple, actionable steps to focus on your self-talk and inner dialogue so that you can learn to treat your body with love and respect.


When does my program start?

Your program starts the moment you’re accepted into the program.

Is it possible to just get only workouts or only the nutrition guidance?

The components of the UCP program are not offered separately. You can certainly sign up because of your interest in one particular part of the program.  Your financial investment is the same, whether you choose to engage with all or only some of the components of the program. There’s always room for growth, so come with an open mind and you will be pleasantly surprised

The cost for the Ultimate Curves plan is N45,000 (NGN) – $124 when you pay for 3 months
You can pay through https://paystack.com/pay/uc if you’re paying the full price
Or N20,000 (NGN) – $55 directly into my account if you’re paying monthly.
Agu, Nkeoma .C.
Diamond Bank

Pay for the Guide here

Author: Nkeoma DND Agu

Hi, I'm Nkeoma DND Agu. A Nigerian Weight loss, Fitness and Nutrition Coach. I help you lose weight, get fit and crush at life, even if you're very busy.

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