What Every Woman Should Learn From Maria Menounos Health Wakeup Call

Most ladies know her from E Entertainment Television; her laughter, her body and smile.

Last year she had a wakeup call.

Just like most busy women that had to balance work/life, relationship, caring for loved ones, doing their jobs and being camera perfect (for you it could be office perfect) she didn’t have time to listen to her body.

In the busy, busy, busy world she neglected the glue that was keeping everything in place – her health and when it unraveled, almost everything came tumbling down – almost everything.

But did her body give her signs oh yes, according to an interview she gave Livestrong she had been “feeling lightheaded and experiencing terrible headaches, blurred vision and speech issues”, but she ignored it all and kept moving as long as she could.

When she couldn’t cope anymore she went to her Doctor and discovered she had a benign brain tumor

According to her she had not gone for a physical in at least 8, 9 or 10 years.

She was lucky she decided to check herself out, if she had deluded herself by believing what her mind and others was telling her, that it was just stress and tiredness, it could have been worse.

When your cars make the slightest noise, you it take it to the mechanic, sometimes when it doesn’t make any noise, you still take it for regular maintenance, anyway. But when it comes to your body it’s a different thing.

When its clothes you go all out. Shoes? Only the most expensive will do. Electronic gadgets? – Only the best is good enough.


But when it comes to your health, that makes it possible for you to enjoy all that goodness; you become very busy, you become a champion bargainer, an opportunity cost champion and a scale of preference (with outrageous reason) champion.

  • You have a sudden blinding headache; you ignore it or pop a pill and refuse to check why you even have a headache.
  • Your weight is gradually increasing; you ignore it and go for the next bigger size or ask your tailor to put 2 more inches of allowance in your clothes.
  • Friends call you out for a walk and run and you join without checking if it’s appropriate for you at that time, if your body can cope with that sudden exertion, if the terrain is ok or if the weather is too hot or too cold.
  • You have a sharp pain but you tell your body, Shhhhhh! And you keep going.
  • You have a dizzy spell and you keep going and tell yourself it will pass.
  • You have a bloated stomach you keep going.
  • Your ankle suddenly swells up for days and you keep going.
  • You keep shushing your body and complain you don’t have time, but you have time to attend all the social events under the sun.

You need to make out time to take care of yourself, that’s the only thing that can keep you climbing that corporate ladder, excelling in your business and career………Your health is what keeps you going.

Focusing so much on your work and your career is an error when health and self care is not involved because you can’t do anything without your health.

Why Is This Message Important for Women?

Women are gradually taking up more responsibilities – at home, in their careers, at work, as mothers and as caregivers.

Self care becomes even more important for busy and high achieving women who deal with stress every moment, from home to office and in between.

Most time we are so busy taking care of every other person except ourselves and most women pay the price in one way or the other.

Being a boss in the office for a woman most times, does not equal a boss at home, you still have to nurture your family. On your way back from work, you’re already thinking about what to prepare for dinner.  You may have unfinished office work you came home with.


You have to look into your kid’s homework, be a wife and as you’re dropping off to sleep, the alarm goes off and the cycle starts again.

Your health matters a lot and here are very simple steps you need to take now to give your body the care and support it needs.

  • Above all; don’t wait for an excuse to take care of your health, do it before an excuse comes. One lovely lady told me after my presentation for her company on self care for female executives, that she pants for breath at any little exertion and she was having hip and back pain.

But that she told her body to “just park it……..This is not the time to act up”. The presentation was a wakeup call for her. She wasn’t too happy about making lifestyle changes because according to her “Sarah” had reached the pinnacle of her career without getting sick so why should she?

You are not Sarah, you are you. Take care of yourself, DON’T WAIT FOR AN EXCUSE TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR SELF AND DON’T GIVE EXCUSES FOR NOT TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF, if something is important to you, you make out time for it.

How many things in the last 2 months didn’t you have time for but you literally had to squeeze out time for it, because it was really important to you?

She has since made lifestyle changes. She was surprised that my (B5Y Academy) (Busy But Building The Body And Life that Becomes You) did not take over her life and time but delivered visible results of a stronger, leaner and healthier body for her.


It can also do the same for you.

  • Go for a physical exam as regularly as you can or at least annually. Your health check-ups is non-negotiable
  • If there are healths issues that run in your family get screened.
  • Prioritize your own needs and desires even when it means pissing people off. Be deeply connected with your purpose. Spend more time focusing on how you take care of yourself and less time thinking about how much you should be doing and pushing yourself beyond your physical limit to get there.

Maria Menounos had a brain surgery last year to remove the tumor, she also resigned from e and has made lifestyle and fitness changes that made her health a priority.

You don’t have to resign, if you take the step to do the needful today.

Focus on your health and wellbeing, and ask for help from experts in that field so you can stop random Google search and exercise and nutrition without focus and strategy.

Take pause………. Listen to your body…………what is it saying?


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What Every Woman Should Learn From Maria Menounos Health Wakeup Call

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