Nigerian Foods Are The Best For Fat Loss

You heard that right. I hear a lot of people complaining that Nigerian food is rich in carbohydrate; rich in fat and rich in everything that make you fat bla bla bla.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

And I also hear that those foods that help in weight loss is expensive.

Actually, no they’re not.

It’s the fake and fad diets with exotic names that are expensive

It’s the dangerous weight loss drugs and supplement that finishes in 6 days at 40k or more and has you upgrading to the next, that is expensive; not natural food in Ekeani, Ogbete Main market, Bodija and Oyingbo  market.( You can add the market in your location here)

Repeat after me – there is no food on its own in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world that can make you gain weight; it’s the accumulation of unhealthy lifestyle choices (including food) that eventually leads to weight gain over time.

Every food in this world including the healthiest has the potential to make you gain weight when they are not eaten the right way.

There are foods in every country and culture that can lead to weight gain when you don’t know the steps to take to prepare them to achieve your health goal.

We have a lot of natural foods in Nigeria that make weight loss and good health easy.

We have grass fed beef (do you have any idea, how much grass fed beef costs elsewhere?).  We have chicken  – including free range everywhere, all types of beans, oil bean seed, fish, fruits and vegetables that you can grow in your garden and growing free everywhere too, garden eggs, Groundnut, almond seed from the fruit tree, cashew nuts.


Almond fruit and tree popularly called fruit in Nigeria

We also have yam, cocoyam, water yam, potato, soya bean, millet, rice….the list is almost endless.

All you have to do is learn how to prepare them to make them healthier or by using healthier ingredients to minimize what may make your food unhealthy.

Every food and I mean every food in Nigeria can be effectively used for fat loss when you know how to use them.

It’s the composition of a person’s diet over time that matters.

It’s really that easy.

But there is a basic thing you have to understand in fat loss; Fat loss is not only about calorie in and calorie out. If it was simply calorie in and calorie out we’d all diet ourselves skinny

Weight loss is more than that. It’s your hormones, its nutritional deficiency, stress, emotional problems, and individual differences.

It’s also how you prepare your food

The Moi - Moi is made with almost ½ bottles of palm or vegetable oil and eaten with Pap, Custard or soaked Garri with 6 cubes of sugar.


It’s how you prepare your food, the ingredients, what you eat it with and the quantity and every other thing in between that can be fat provoking not the food on its own

Our Ogbono aka Africa mango is touted and sold as a fat burning supplement. Ogbono is everywhere in Nigeria. You can prepare it with Okra, pumpkin leaf, and meat and a little palm oil and you have a healthy meal.


For the swallow, you can mix a cup of Semovita with ½ cup of oatmeal for a healthier meal.

The fiber in the oatmeal and Okra helps to keep your bowel movement regular.

For nutritious and protein rich Bambara cake (Okpa) -– reduce the quantity of palm oil and take it with a glass of milk or (Zobo) Hibiscus tea

Check out some healthy Nigerian recipes here, here and here

All foods from India to Germany to Texas to Nigeria can make you gain weight or lose weight.

You just need to learn the right steps.


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Nigerian Foods Are The Best For Fat Loss

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