Being torn in different directions and having no time for yourself is a situation a lot of us as moms find ourselves in.

Life gets really busy; everything else seems more important and gets more attention than your well-being. Everyone else comes first.

But right now you feel a shift in your feelings about your wellness.

You feel you need something to change but you don’t know what

Your body, emotions, intuition and life may already be sending your signals that something needs to shift. Unexplained aches, resentment, pain and overwhelm is urging you to pay attention to yourself.

You go to bed and wake up exhausted and dreading the day ahead

You have helps but your home seems to be falling apart

All the foods you bought for a healthy lifestyle is frozen solid in your freezer. You’ve thrown them away over and over and feel guilty each time you throw that celery away.

Your relationship is suffering. You yell at your kids at little or no provocation

Your life seems to be on a marathon of things to catch up with but as you try to catch up it seems everything is running away from you again

You are done with detox and compression.

Your tired is tired.

You want to be able to manage stress in a positive way, show up as a wife and mom and still show up for yourself.

You don’t want to secure the bag while your home falls apart and you lose the companionship of people you care about.

You don’t want to secure the bag while your health fails

You no longer want to live your life in compartments; you desire cohesion in every area of your life. You are done buying wellness programs that end up being another weight loss program that you dump after days

You want a systemic and structured approach to sustainable wellness.

You are questioning your life and existence.

If this is you then what you need is


Live Well is a structured wellness group coaching for professional and business moms who want a holistic approach to wellness so every part of your life is healthy.

Live well will help you with your Nutrition, Fitness, Sleep, and Stress Management, Meditation and relaxation Techniques, Relationship and intimacy wellness.

You will be guided on how to eat the foods you love in a healthy way that nourishes you and your family. You will have access to different foods recipes, how to cook, eat, plan, prep, eat out and enjoy special occasions and social events in a way that suits you.

You will start seeing exercise as what it is. You will learn simple movements you can fit into your life in as little as 7 – 10 minutes the way that works for you. You will learn movements that interests you like Samba, yoga, dance, exercise you can do with your spouse and family.

You will have the opportunity to interact and socialize with other moms who are experiencing the same shifts as you.

You will be guided step by step to execute your training effectively and achieve desired result

Stress Management. We all encounter stressors every day, but how you see it and process it is what matters.

Emotional Wellness. Relationship and intimacy. A lot of moms excel at work and face relationship issues at home. Sometimes, it’s because we don’t know how to manage our masculine energy. Learn how to reignite intimacy the way that’s true to you.

And there’s more: mindset coaching, meditation and relaxation, getting enough sleep, spiritual well being and more.

You will be receiving more than adequate guidance, wellness strategies, structures and systems that will best support your needs and support throughout your program so you’ll be consistent.

It’s time to prioritize and invest on and I’m here with the tools and support you need.

Live well kicks off in November with only 20 women and it’s for 10 weeks

If this is you, please fill this application form and if we are a good fit, we’ll schedule a free discovery call to know more about you, your challenges and my approach. Once you understand, you’ll get the payment link and assessment tools.


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