Is it really possible to have a flatter tummy after Pregnancy?

The mummy tummy:This is one challenge 99.9% of moms worry about after childbirth.

A tummy that remains big, years and months after pregnancy no matter what you they do.

And you’ve done a lot of things; you’ve used compression and waist trainers, taken detox tea, used fat belly burners and did all manner of exercises and yet your tummy remains big.

You bought weight loss program and course after course and still nothing works.

You are truly tired of everything.

You may have tried everything you know about but,

The truth is that you may not fully understand what you’re dealing with.

A flatter tummy after childbirth is possible but you need to understand what you’re working on. When you understand that, then you will know what you’re doing wrong, you will then start using the right strategies and seek out an expert for personalized help.

Here’s what you need to know:

During pregnancy, your abdominal muscles separates in the middle to make room for your baby to grow.

Diastasis Recti during and after pregnancy

Before your pregnancy, these muscles were closed and tight but, because of the pressure exerted by your growing baby it separates from the connective tissue holding them together to make room for your baby.

After pregnancy, these muscles remain separated for 99% of moms and that’s why it seems every mom is walking around with a pooch which is mostly hidden with body shapers.

This is also why the exercises you do like sit ups, planks and crunches have no effect on. In fact, in most cases they make it wider because they create more pressure in your tummy.

Now, you know why your tummy is big, the next thing is to understand that to get your tummy flatter after pregnancy, you have to repair and close these separated muscles.

Yes! They can be repaired and closed. I’ve done that repeatedly for moms from over 20 countries in my Internationally recognized and multiple award winning postpartum recovery and Diastasis Recti repair plan BBLB.

BBLB means Better Body and Life after Baby and is one on one coaching for moms who want a flatter tummy after pregnancy.


You don’t need compression or detox or crunches after pregnancy for a flatter tummy because it’s a muscle issue that requires personalized care.

In BBLB, you are not sent to a video library or a course to download and do on your own. It’s one on one coaching with adequate support, care and accountability. All your programs are done specifically for you and reviewed and updated weekly based on your progress.

A flatter tummy after pregnancy is possible. You can wear your favorite dresses again, you can enjoy your vacation and actually pack the clothes you want, you can leave the lights on in your bedroom again.

Join BBLB and start your one one one recovery plan. To learn more about BBLB and how you can work with me start here

Is it really possible to have a flatter tummy after Pregnancy?

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