Simple 3 Ingredient Breakfast For Very Busy Moms – 5 Minutes

Breakfast is one of the most missed meals in the world.

According to recent studies 31% of Americans miss breakfast every day.

A study conducted by Kraft food Australia discovered that half of Australians miss breakfast each day

And in Nigeria 1 out of 10 people miss breakfast.

I asked some of my friends if they missed breakfast and why.

 Here are the reasons they gave me.

  • The anxiety of getting everyone ready and rushing of to work make it difficult for most people especially moms to eat breakfast
  • Most people don’t have appetite to eat first thing in the morning
  • Others don’t just feel like eating
  • Some are so disorganized in the morning that thinking of breakfast not to talk of actually preparing it is ‘mission impossible’
  • Some others claimed there was no time to eat breakfast
  • Still others were just tired of boring breakfast choices and didn’t know what to eat as an alternative
  • I also found out that there’s actually others that are hungry but are just too lazy to cook so they go without breakfast until the stomach rumble and hunger pangs drags them to find something to eat.

Here is a simple breakfast, really simple that you can start with.

It’s just a recipe. Tweak it the way you want, add another slice of bread, add coffee, smoothie or add peanut butter or butter to the bread. Make it to suit your taste and enjoy.


Meet the ingredients

  • Sliced Whole wheat bread
  • 2 hard boiled eggs
  • 1 Apple

That’s all

The only thing you need to boil is your eggs and that will take about 5 minutes.

Grab a glass of smoothie or coffee and enjoy.

What’s your go to breakfast? Do share


Simple 3 Ingredient Breakfast For Very Busy Moms – 5 Minutes

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      1. All dried fruit is gorgeous. Love prunes. This morning apricots. Gives a bit of chewy texture. Put it in either before or after cooking. Works both ways and is really quick.

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