An Open Letter To Skinny Girls Who Want To Gain Weight

This post is for naturally skinny girls.

Being naturally slender is seen by other people as a blessing but most times for you, you see it as a burden.

This should not be.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying that it’s wrong to want more…….. More curves, to be more attractive, stronger and healthier.

It’s okay to want more. It’s okay to want to transform your body.

Because, your body can actually change the way you see yourself, the way people see you and the way you see the world.

No matter how much you deny it or people say it shouldn’t be, the thing is, it’s real.

Sometimes, the feeling of having no breast, no butt, and no curves can be a bit overwhelming and make you feel unloving towards your body.

That’s no reason to hate your body.

Think of all the things that naturally slender body has been doing for you for years, in spite of your love/hate relationship with it.

Some naturally slender girls have been in this process of wanting more and not knowing exactly what to do about it for years that it has become an obsession.

There are times you get anxious and want to gain weight because of others.

Gain healthy weight and curves for you because that’s what makes you more confident and happy.

At the end of the day, you are what matters.

People come and go but you are always with you.

Build the body you want because it’s what you want and it will make you healthier and stronger

I am a naturally slender girl too but I’ve been able to work on my body and achieve the body I want.

I love how I look now but it’s an ongoing process.

Before I could get there I had to learn to love my body, not because I didn’t have curves then, but for all I can do; I can do a lot of things other people wished they could.

The only thing that ever bothers me is menstrual pain.

Throughout pregnancy my weight was fine; my blood pressure and sugar level is fine now.

And I know yours is fine too.

Learn to love your body first

That’s where the body transformation you seek will all start from: a place of love and acceptance.

There’s something I’ll love you to do for yourself now. You can do it now if it’s convenient for you or put a reminder on it so you can do it later.

Go to your room, take off your clothes and take a good look at your body, a mirror is fine too.

Really take a look at all its beautiful imperfections.

You may feel shy because there are things you don’t want to see and acknowledge, but do it anyway.

Yeah…… it’s a beautiful body!

Maybe a little slender and could do with a little weight, curves and muscle ….. But a beautiful body anyway.

Give yourself a hug.

What do you want now? Look at your body, check it out.

What do you want?

Maybe a little curve here, more weight there.

The good news is that it’s all possible and can be done.  You can have the body you want.

One thing I’ve discovered is that a naturally slender body responds to the right nutrition and specific exercises to give you the body transformation you desire.

You can greatly improve the way your body look by exercising based on your body type and goal.

It’s also time to stop using nutrition advice and exercise program and strategy that is not suitable for your body type.

I am a personal trainer, a workplace wellness coach and a fitness nutrition coach and I must tell you that 80% of our training is primarily to help people lose weight.


The focus is always more on weight loss.

But I also have clients that want to gain weight and curves.

And I have helped them reach their goal.

And when it comes to curves, you may be surprised to hear that it’s not only in the wish list of naturally slender ladies.

Some people who are looking to lose weight don’t have curves and would love some too….. It’s true.

And while you can’t change from one body type to another, you can greatly improve your shape and make the best of your body type through proper exercise.

One more thing, Cardio is not an enemy.


You know what that means – I also do cardio, yep, but I still retain more curves.

So, the problem is not really cardio, but the kind of cardio, intensity and duration.

I’m going to be helping you make sense of it all and transform your body so that what you imagine inside can match what you see outside.


I’ll be giving you more information on nutrition and exercise for the naturally slender.

Register for the our ultimate guide to healthy weight gain and curves

Till then remember:

Body transformation starts from a place of love, acceptance and understanding not hate.


Nkeoma DND Agu

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An Open Letter To Skinny Girls Who Want To Gain Weight

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