Apple And Peanut Butter Healthy Snack Recipe (1 Minute)

Looking for something healthy to use as a snack that is tasty and will help you lose weight or maintain your weight?

Look no further; apple and peanut butter is here to save the day

Peanuts, called groundnut in Nigeria is a very popular snack. You can eat it roasted, boiled or use it to drink garri.

Peanut or groundnut in Nigeria

Apple on the other hand is all over the place and is a popular road side and traffic fast selling fruit.

This snack recipe is also good if you want to gain weight.

1 small apple contains 52 calories and has Vitamin C, fiber and sugar

Groundnut contains protein, healthy fats, choline, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E and is rich in minerals like selenium, iron phosphorous, copper, potassium, manganese, zinc and magnesium

Apple – Health benefits of Apple

Apples can aid in weight loss
  • The fiber content in apple is high while the calorie content is low

This means that it’s filling and will not pack in a lot of calorie. This is good news for people who want to lose weight. Fiber aids in digestion and bowel movement and can help in getting a flatter belly

  • Making apples part of a healthy diet can lead to weight loss
  • The glycemic index of apple is low and this can help in weight management and blood sugar control
  • Apples can boost your immune system and lower your bad cholesterol

Groundnuts peanut butter – Health Benefits

  • Contains monounsaturated fat and protein
  • This can help you feel full for a longer time
  • It increase your metabolic rate
  • Stabilizes your blood sugar

How to make the snack

  • Get the apple and slice into small pieces, be sure to remove the seeds
  • Get some scoops (2 tablespoonfuls should be enough)  of ground peanut butter- you can buy from the market or store or better still, make your own so you know exactly what is inside. I make mine; I will give you the recipe in another post.

Put everything in a plate and enjoy.


Do you buy or make your own groundnut butter?

Leave your comment and recipe below



Apple And Peanut Butter Healthy Snack Recipe (1 Minute)

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