Author: Nkeoma DND Agu

The Best 8 Exercises You Can Do With Bad Knee

“I can’t do that exercise my knee is bad” “Every time I try to squat I have knee pain” These are two of the things I hear a lot in the gym. The strange thing is that it is not limited to a certain group of people or age group. It affects a lot of […]

Practical tips to control holiday weight gain

It is not inevitable that you will gain weight during the holiday. At this time every year I have an ongoing job to educate my clients not to pig out because it is Christmas. Most times I succeed but there are clients that have decided to make me nervous of our meeting in January. Rose […]

Diabetes: The role of exercise and diet in preventing diabetes

The whole month of November is dedicated to creating awareness about Diabetes. It has become a major concern because even children and teenagers (mostly overweight) are being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. This is a major cause for concern and a wakeup call for everyone. According to the WHO, 422 million people in the world […]

A healthy plate for weight loss and good health

Proper nutrition plays a major role not just in weight loss but in good health. Working out like the gym is about to go out of existence then spending the rest of the day eating food that are unhealthy will bring you result – but not the one you may expect if good health or […]

Smoothie 101 – 3 refreshing smoothie recipes for weight loss

Smoothies are a healthy and good choice anytime of the day. They are a fast and easy way to supply your body with vitamins and minerals for nourishment. You can use them to replace one of your meals if you want to lose weight. The benefits of a healthy smoothie are many: It improves digestion […]

Bellisima Fitness 30 day weight loss challenge meal plan

If you want to lose weight in a healthy way, then this meal plan is for you. Making healthy food choices will help you achieve your weight loss goals faster. It will also help you to curb the habit of eating out. When you cook your own food, you are in control and know exactly […]

Bellisima 30 day weight loss challenge: Lose weight and transform your body

If you want to lose weight, burn fat or kick start your fitness journey and transform your body then this challenge is for you. This challenge has both strength and cardio. You will not only burn fat, you will also build lean muscle. There are 7 compound body weight exercise in this challenge and 1 […]

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