The 8 Most Frequently Asked Questions on How To Lose Belly Fat And The Answers

For most people losing belly fat is not about good health it’s about aesthetic.

This desire by almost everyone has given rise to myths, gimmicks and outright lies about how to blast away belly fat to reveal flat abs.

Although 6 packs may be desired by some, just a regular flat abs with no fat attached will do for many.

One of the most scrutinized parts of the body is the abs and I get a lot of questions about it.

Today I’m sharing with you the most asked questions and the answers.


  1. Can I target belly fat with certain exercises?

Mmmh…. not really. Any exercise that increases your heart rate like cardio – jumping jack, walking, treadmill, High Intensity Interval Training or Low Intensity Interval Training all have the capacity to burn fat.

That fat burning effect targets every part of your body where fat can be found and that includes your belly.

However, the exercise will not just target your belly, but as it burns fat in your body, your belly also benefits with fat loss.

But, do you know that you already have abs muscle?

And even if you don’t believe it because you don’t see it; it’s there.

You’re not seeing it because it’s covered by layers of fat.

abdominal-fat j
Did you see your abs muscle?

That’s one of the reasons you need fat burning exercise to help you peel of those fat layers and reveal those abs muscle for all to see.


     2. Can sit ups and crunches make my tummy flat?

No. Actually sit ups and crunches can make an already fat tummy bulkier.

When you crunch, it does not spare a glance at your belly fat, it jumps right into your abdominal muscles to make them stronger.

The result is a bulkier and harder tummy.

Leave the crunch and sit ups to those people with a flat, ripped abs.They are the ones who need it.

Concentrate on burning the fat first, when it’s done, you can crunch all you want.


   3. Is it possible to lose belly fat and have a flat tummy in 30 days?

With surgery – Yes.

With exercise and nutrition – NO

It takes a little longer with exercise and healthy nutrition to see flat abs but if you remain focused you will achieve a flatter abs.

 Yes, flat abs is achievable through exercise and healthy nutrition but you have to give yourself time.

It took you years to get those big abs, so for them to disappear it will take some months.

But what of all those lose belly fat in 30 days program? What are they thinking?

I really don’t know what they’re thinking.


  1. Will eating cheese make your belly flat?

Eating cheese without making any other change in your activity and nutrition will not make your belly flat.

But eating cheese in addition to other healthy lifestyle changes will give you a gentle push towards flat tummy land.


  1. Do I need special equipments like abs roller or tummy trimmer for a flat abs?

No, you don’t need any special equipment and you definitely do not need an abs bench for a flat belly.

In fact, there are certain conditions, like Diastasis Recti, that may get worse when you use these equipments.

In every weight management process, weight training is very important.You may need dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands etc to help tone up your body and give you a tighter and more sculpted body.


  1. Do I have to do abs exercise everyday for result?

Like I said here, our body needs rest or you will experience diminishing returns aka fatigue, soreness and feeling sleepy all the time.

This may derail your goal.

You need a day or two to rest.

So, any day you do more of core strengthening exercise like plank, mountain climber, inchworm, barbell squats or shoulder taps, give yourself a break the next day.


  7. What of diet pills? Will they do the job?

Take a moment and consider this – If popping weight loss pills was really effective for weight loss, there wouldn’t be obesity problem anywhere in the world.

You would just take a pill with your morning coffee and eat whatever you wanted while the pills would absorb the fat.

Weight loss pills (if you are still considering it) are supposed to compliment a healthy lifestyle not be a substitute.

On its own its effect is negligible. All the studies on weight loss pills are done with people who use the pills in addition to restricting calories and doing exercise

Diet pills popularly called fat burners are harmful and can cause headache, palpitations, heart attack, dizziness, high blood pressure and a lot more negative side effects.


  1. Will green tea, mint, ginger, and ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) burn belly fat?

Just like I said earlier, there is no tea or food on its own that will blast belly fat if you don’t follow it up with other lifestyle changes.

Some studies have shown the effectiveness of certain seeds like flaxseed in reducing belly fat, but, taking flax seeds every hour without making any dietary and activity change isn’t going to give you a flat tummy  


Flax seeds


                            What you should know

It is possible to lose belly fat

But, remember everything has to work together not in isolation for you to get flat abs.

Pay attention to your nutrition. Exercise regularly and take time to relax because stress is a major culprit in abdominal fat.

And above all, find out if there are other things that may be causing your abs to look bigger by seeking medical advice.

This is especially important, if the increase in your abs happened very quickly.


Do you have any questions? I would love to hear from you. Do leave your questions and comments below.

The 8 Most Frequently Asked Questions on How To Lose Belly Fat And The Answers

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