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MOM 101 -The Post Partum Recovery and Diastasis Recti Guide

Do you want to rebuild your post pregnancy body, lose the mummy pooch, lose weight and regain your confidence? Then, you’re in the right place. All you need to start rebuilding your post partum body is here. No more mistakes and no more trial and error. Get a flatter tummy Repair Diastasis Recti Regain your […]

Big Belly Is Not a Sign of Wealth; It’s a Warning Sign That Something Is Wrong

In Nigeria, most people see a fat belly as a sign of wealth but this is a wrong perception, a big belly is a sign of excess fat, or a sign of some underlying sickness. Although fat anywhere in the body is bad, abs fat is the worst place to have fat because it wraps […]

The 8 Most Frequently Asked Questions on How To Lose Belly Fat And The Answers

For most people losing belly fat is not about good health it’s about aesthetic. This desire by almost everyone has given rise to myths, gimmicks and outright lies about how to blast away belly fat to reveal flat abs. Although 6 packs may be desired by some, just a regular flat abs with no fat […]

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